The International University

The University is a place of international cooperation in research and teaching. Fostering an international profile forms a substantial part ot the University's Mission Statement.

50 bilateral agreements on the university level and approximately 350 ERASMUS agreements associate the University with universities all over the world while 43 agreements on the faculty level and 39 binational postgraduate degree agreements supplement the university’s international radius of engagement.

At present there are 21 international study programmes and three study programmes have succeeded at getting Erasmus Mundus funding.

The Leipzig Alumni International network encompasses more than 1,800 committed graduates of the UL from more than 110 countries who are actively associated with their alma mater.

Apart from intensive subject specific scholarly contacts throughout the world, one of the special features of the Universität Leipzig is its strength in Area Studies with a wide range of study programmes and research institutes such as the University’s  Centre for Area Studies and the Centre for the History and Culture of East Central Europe or the Fraunhofer Centre for Central and Eastern Europe and the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography.

Please find an overview of the internationalisation process here.

last update: 11.11.2015 


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