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As of today (22 October 2020), the infection rates in Leipzig have reached a level that requires increased caution. “In concrete terms, this means that all of us at Leipzig University must monitor the situation more closely and take initial steps,” said Rector Professor Beate Schücking. “Yellow calls for greater caution.”

The University management favours a calm and prudent approach. “We have to take into account the objectives set for the current stage in the Hygiene and Infectious Disease Concept, but we do not have to immediately put all the measures mentioned in it into practice. We still have some leeway which allows us to pay special attention to hygiene rules and, above all, make our own decisions based on sound judgment and common sense. In general, the situation may change for the better or for the worse at any time. The traffic light system gives us the opportunity to react to these changes flexibly.”

For face-to-face teaching, the Rector added that it will now be necessary to examine “how quickly we can switch to online and hybrid formats”. All external face-to-face events that have no connection to research, teaching, committee and commission work should now be cancelled. Physical attendance at committee meetings and other meetings in the faculties, and at meetings in the University’s administration buildings, should now be reconsidered and reduced. “Our actions are still based on current infection rates and, as in the past, are also aimed at achieving the greatest possible continuity in teaching and studies – with greater caution for the time being,” said Rector Schücking. “We have been able to welcome many of our new students in person at the University in the last few days. Now we have to return to certain restrictions, a little faster than we had hoped. I hope that this will allow us to continute to see low infection rates in Leipzig for a while longer.”

For further information please consult the Hygiene and Infectious Disease Concept and the guidelines related to it that were published today.