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Since 1 July, employees have once again been required to return to their workplace, while working from home is permitted in exceptional cases.

As we slowly transition back to normal operations, the staff email of 18 June explained a number of arrangements which make the rules on working from home more flexible. These arrangements will now be extended for a further two months beyond 31 August, until 31 October 2020. Working from home, either fully or in part, is permitted in the following cases:

  • Special health requirements, e.g. belonging to a high-risk group according to the RKI,
  • Difficulties with caring for dependent relatives or children in day-care facilities and schools during the transitional period and
  • Inability to observe social distancing requirements when working in the office (as per the University’s hygiene concept).

In individual cases, there may be other exceptions that make working on site unfeasible. If in doubt, please contact your superior first. The decision lies with the head of your institution or department. The authority to make decisions can be delegated to a person’s immediate superior. Working from home must still be governed by a written agreement between the employee and their superior. Employees who work from home should be given the opportunity to arrange their working hours as flexibly as possible, in order to make it easier to combine work and family life. This also means that staff who work from home are still not required to clock in and out every day and that their hours worked will not be recorded. They are required to work the number of hours contractually agreed. Minimum attendance times still do not apply. Staff may also work until 1pm on Saturdays, subject to approval by their superior.

Up-to-date information (in German and English) on business trips, hygiene rules and returning from a holiday can be found in staff email 19/2020.