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The University’s crisis management team has decided that the University Library reading rooms can reopen for staff and students if the coronavirus incidence rate drops below 100 (for seven days, based on RKI figures for the city of Leipzig).

In addition to needing to book a place, anyone then wishing to use the reading rooms will also be required to demonstrate that they have tested negative for coronavirus (rapid test result). Users must also wear a medical face mask / surgical mask. Library users can still borrow and return items without the need for a test.

By taking this decision, the University is adding to the rules set forth in its Hygiene and Infectious Disease Concept. As specified in this document, the reading rooms can be used if the incidence rate for the city of Leipzig drops below 50 (according to RKI figures) – subject to hygiene rules, but without the test requirement.

Up-to-date information about services at the University Library during the pandemic can always be found on its website at