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One of the large sports halls on the Jahnallee campus has been converted into an examination hall for the next three weeks so that written examinations can be held despite the current rules on social distancing. The Ernst Grube Hall has been modified to allow up to 387 students to sit an exam at any one time while maintaining the necessary minimum distance.

The sports equipment was cleared away for the exam period and a carpet laid out to protect the hall floor. Then 387 tables and chairs were set up in such a way that there was a distance of at least 1.7 metres between the seats. In a further effort to minimise contact between people, a one-way system has been introduced for entering and exiting the hall. Hand sanitiser is also available at the entrance. This approach will make it possible to carry out exams even with large groups of students and to still comply with the hygiene and infection disease rules that serve to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The temporary examination hall will mainly be used in cases where more than 120 people are registered for a written examination at the same time. Around 20 such written examinations are planned to take place in the Ernst Grube Hall between now and 7 August. Examinations with smaller groups are also possible in regular classrooms.

Nina Vogt