Our university’s Geological and Palaeontological Collection is one of the largest such collections of any German university.

Wissenschaftliche Dünnschliffsammlung, Foto: Dr. S. Krüger
Meeresekrokodil Steneosaurus bollensis, Jura (Holzmaden), Foto: Dr. S. Krüger
Blick in das Forschungs- und Besuchermagazin, Foto: F. Bach

The Geological and Palaeontological Collection consists of special collections from our old and new holdings, which have been reorganised over the last decade. The collection was established in the second half of the 19th century, growing from a mineral cabinet to a prominent scientific collection. The primary objectives of the collection are to support learning by means of diverse teaching and illustrative material, but also research by means of comparative material from all regions of the world. It also serves to archive type material from palaeontological research as well as evidence from geological outcrops, drilling and mapping work. These are both key tasks of geoscientific institutions in the globalised scientific world.

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Details of museum lectures are announced on the website of the Geological and Palaeontological Collection.

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