Today the 600-year history of the Alma Mater Lipsiensis is best reflected by the University’s artistic holdings, which are of considerable cultural historical significance. They are administered by the Kustodie.

Ausstellungsstücke aus der Kustodie werden gezeigt, im Vordergrund eine goldene Statue, im Hintergrund weitere religiöse Statuen und Malereien.
The Kustodie’s exhibits include statues and paintings. Photo: Marion Wenzel

Over the centuries, the University’s art collection has grown to include works of European painting, sculpture, graphic art and handicrafts from the Middle Ages to the present day. The Kustodie serves to promote our internal sense of identity and to anchor the University in the city, making an important contribution to cultural life in Leipzig. At the same time, the collection offers great potential for hands-on teaching of art history.

In addition to its own holdings of the art collection in the Rectorate building, the Kustodie presents exhibitions on historical and contemporary art in the gallery inside the Neues Augusteum.

Kustodie opening hours

Study collection with permanent exhibition: “600 Years of Art”

Ritterstraße 26

04109 Leipzig



and by appointment

Gallery in the Neues Augusteum

Augustusplatz 10

04109 Leipzig

During the exhibitions

Tuesday to Friday




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