Maps are used to impart knowledge, serve as orientation aids in the great outdoors, are historical records, and often constitute works of art in their own right. They document current and historical conditions of topographical and thematic contents of all kinds. Our university’s Institute for Geography maintains a comprehensive collection of maps.

The Map Collection comprises more than 17,800 exhibits. Photo: Gernot Decker

The Institute for Geography’s teaching collection comprises more than 17,800 inventoried maps, atlases and commentaries. All of the objects have been recorded electronically, can be accessed in an internal database or are available for download. Various search criteria make it possible, for example, to search by title, publisher, year of publication, region, scale, map series, edition and subject. Every month, different examples from the Map Collection are presented to the public in the institute building at Talstraße 35.

Information about current opening hours and guided tours is available on the website of the Map Collection.

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