Under the Saxon Freedom of Higher Education Act (SächsHSFG), the University Council is a central committee of our university. It gives recommendations for developing Leipzig University’s profile and improving its performance and competitiveness, taking into account the development planning of the Free State of Saxony and the agreed targets.

Mitglieder des Hochschulrats
Members of the University Council: Dr Rainer Ambrosy, Professor Jörg Junhold, Professor Ekkehard Becker-Eberhard, Professor Annette G. Beck-Sickinger, Professor Knut Löschke, Dr Hans-Gerhard Husung, Siegfried Bülow


The University Council is an advisory and control committee of our university, participating in strategy formation as well as structural and development planning. Working on a voluntary basis, its members contribute their experience from academia and research, from science management and science policy as well as from the private sector. The University Council meets at least twice a semester. Its meetings are not open to the public.

The responsibilities of the University Council are set forth in Section 86 of the Saxon Freedom of Higher Education Act (SächsHSFG):

  • preparation of a proposal for the election of the Rector
  • application to the Extended Senate for the Rector to be voted out of office
  • confirmation of the Extended Senate’s vote to remove the Rector from office
  • approval of the Rector’s proposal for the appointment of the Head of Administration and Finance
  • approval of the University’s development planning, draft business plan and annual financial statements
  • formulation of principles for the use of posts and resources and the use of reserves
  • statement on the Rectorate’s annual report
  • approval of the activities of the Rectorate
  • statement before the conclusion of target agreements
  • statement on the establishment of, major changes to, and the discontinuation of study programmes.

Members of the University Council

Members are appointed on a pro rata basis by the Senate and the State Ministry of Science and the Arts for a term of five years.


Dr Hans-Gerhard Husung
(Former State Secretary for Science and Research in the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Young People and Science and former Secretary General of the Joint Science Conference (GKW))

Vice chairperson:

Professor Annette G. Beck-Sickinger
(Deputy director of the Institute of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Life Sciences)


  • Dr Rainer Ambrosy
    (Head of Administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen)
  • Professor Ekkehard Becker-Eberhard
    (Director of the Institute for the Legal Profession at the Faculty of Law)
  • Siegfried Bülow
    (Former Managing Director of Porsche Leipzig GmbH)
  • Professor Friederike Fless
    (President of the German Archaeological Institute)
  • Professor Volker Gruhn> (founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board at adesso AG)
  • Professor Jörg Junhold
    (Director of Leipzig Zoological Garden and Managing Director of Zoo Leipzig GmbH)
  • Professor Knut Löschke (until 28 February 2019)
    (Management consultant, founder of PC-Ware Information Technologies GmbH/AG, now Comparex)
  • Birgit Munz
    (Vice-president of the Higher Regional Court Dresden, President of the Saxon Constitutional Court)

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