Theatre in Leipzig

From classics to modern-day

Gewandhaus, St Thomas Boys’ choir and “Leipzig School” have almost become synonyms for Leipzig. But the cultural city of Leipzig is also making its mark through its lively young theatre scene.

The theatre quarter in the west end of the city centre has always been known for its theatres. The Central Theater, until recently called the “Schauspielhaus”, is right in the centre. The new artistic director, Sebastian Hartmann, wants the renaming to mark the artistic new start of the theatre. The original “Schauspielhaus” opened in 1902, and the present theatre is built on its foundations. Right next door is the Central Theater’s experimental fringe theatre, the Skala (previously Neue Szene), where there is no fixed schedule, so that the company can react more flexibly to current events. The evening’s programme is published every day on the Internet. Children also have their own venue in Leipzig: the Theater der Jungen Welt is devoted to encouraging children and young people in particular, and is the oldest of its kind in Germany.

Leipzig is also known throughout Germany for its cabarets. In addition to guest appearances, several ensembles perform in their own venue. For example the Leipzig Pfeffermühle, which has been offering entertainment programmes on everyday life and politics since 1954, or the academixer, which was founded in 1966 as the student cabaret for Leipzig University. And Leipzig also has a variety theatre, the Kystallpalast Varieté, where visitors can expect a mix of acrobatics, music, songs and humour.

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