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Ideal conditions for families

A modern university stands out not just through its optimal teaching and research conditions, but also by creating the best possible general environment, and family-friendliness is a major factor . Universität Leipzig wants to help both employees and students to balance their career or studies with their family duties. Both the return to work after parental leave and course organisation for students with children will be made as easy as possible.

Advisory service

Students with children can take longer to complete their course. Parents can extend the standard study period by up to two semesters, and can also take six semesters off to look after their child until he/she is six years old. During their leave of absence they can apply to sit exams. Advice on questions concerning part-time study, withdrawing from an exam because your child is ill or on individual leaves of absence for the exams is available at the university.

The Leipzig Student Services (Studentenwerk) also provides advice for students with children. The social counsellor informs and supports parents with regard to applications or looking for suitable child care, for instance. In addition the Student Union social counselling service can also refer you to non-university places offering advice and support – for example church or local authority foundations.


In the Studentenwerk Leipzig childcare centre (Kinderladen) children from the age of eight weeks to six years are looked after for one semester. The Kinderladen is situated in the Nürnberger Straße 42 hall of residence.

As sponsors of free youth welfare, the Studentenwerk Leipzig runs the “Villa Unifraz” child day care centre in the Bornaische Straße 138 hall of residence, which accommodates mainly students with children. A total of 27 children from eight weeks to six years old can be looked after and provided with meals here. In 1996 the day care centre was chosen by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth campaign “German is becoming family-friendly” as a “good example” of child-friendliness in universities.

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