Living in Leipzig  

Living in Leipzig

General advice on renting accommodation

First come, first accommodated.

Despite the good accommodation situation in Leipzig, we recommend that you start looking for accommodation well ahead of  time. The following recommendations might be of help:

  • Wohnberechtigungsschein/WBS (certificate of eligibility for public housing)
    Under certain circumstances students receive a Wohnberechtigungsschein (WBS), enabling them to rent social housing. However you must meet certain conditions, such as a low income. More detailed information and application forms for social housing are available on the Website of the Leipzig City Authorities. (in german)

  • Mietkaution (Deposit)
    The landlord of an apartment can ask for a deposit as security from the tenant, but this cannot be higher than three calendar months rent. The tenant can  pay the contractually agreed deposit in three instalments. When the tenancy ends, the deposit must be repaid with interest if the apartment is handed over in good order.

  • Rent index
    The rent index gives tenants an overview of rents in Leipzig and so can protect you from being overcharged. It is available on the Internet on the website of the Leipzig city authorities (in German) or from the local Mieterverein (association of tenants) (in German)
  • Provision (Commission)
    If the tenant rents an apartment through an agent, usually a commission has to be paid. As there is so much accommodation available in Leipzig, the landlord often bears these costs. However, if this is not the case, the commission should not  be more than two calendar months rent plus VAT, and only has to be paid when the contract is actually concluded.

  • Registering and re-registering at the Bürgeramt (Citizens’ Office)
    If you are moving to Leipzig, you must register at the Bürgeramt (Citizens’ Office), if you are moving within Leipzig, you must re-register.
  • Hausratsversicherung (Household insurance)
    As a tenant it is advisable to have a Hausratversicherung (household insurance), which compensates you for damage to items belonging to you in the case of fire, burglary, vandalism, mains water damage, storm and hail.

last update: 30.11.2010 


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