International Affairs  


International Affairs

Thanks to its prominent international profile in teaching and research, Leipzig University is one of the most successful German universities in this area. The Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Centre) plays a key role acting as the interface of all internationalisation processes.

The ongoing internationalisation process carried out by the Alma Mater is expedited by: 

  • the embodiment of international objectives in the University mission statement,
  • a proficient advisory structure for university members and guests,
  • an efficient management of foreign relationships,
  • effective PR outside the University
  • a high degree of commitment and creative imaginativeness by the academics and employees.

Leipzig University connects with the world through activities in the following areas:

  • student mobility and mobility of academics
  • international PhD qualifications, for example through the Research Academy Leipzig
  • Erasmus Mundus projects
  • international study programmes
  • international networking
  • international projects in teaching and research.

last update: 12.09.2018 


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