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JOIMAN - Joint Degree Management and Administration Network

The Erasmus thematic network JOIMAN is comprised of 15 European universities (including Leipzig University) and three national educational structures, and has been funded by the EU since 2008. The network set out to examine administrative structures which are important for the organisation of joint study programmes, and to publish the most excellent examples they can find. This focus is still reflected in its name: Joint Degree Management and Administration Network.

Working with a coordinator from the University of Bologna, Italy, the International Centre of Leipzig University was tasked with a variety of key roles, from leading one of five internal project work packages, to leading an international workshop in Bergen, Norway, to giving presentations at various international conferences.

Leipzig University itself offers several prime examples of joint degree programmes, in particular the postgraduate Erasmus Mundus programme “Global Studies – A European Perspective”, which first began at the university in 2005. This programme is highly regarded, due to its excellent standards in content and the quality of the international coordination involved. As a result, it has earned recognition from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and has been supported by the EU since 2010.

The number of joint or double degree inter-university programmes is continuously growing. Yet a number of challenges still exist for these programmes to overcome, including the difficulties of inter-university paperwork and the need to function over cultural borders. JOIMAN is taking on these challenges by looking for ways to improve the administration of joint degree programmes: How is a particular programme currently set up? Where can long-term improvements be made? How can we go about introducing new changes? Using questionnaires and interviews, JOIMAN’s partner organisations were able to get a clear picture of different programmes and begin looking for practical, tested ways to create successful joint degree programmes.

The result was the creation of a report focused on hands-on, practical advice, and designed for employees of different universities, working together towards the introduction of a new joint degree programme.

last update: 15.02.2018 


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