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University Partnership


African Studies

Multilingualism: Rose Marie Beck as guest lecturer at Stellenbosch University

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Rose-Marie Beck

Partner from Stellenbosch: Dr Johan Oosthuizen

Project: Rose-Marie Beck taught a full course on multilingualism in the AELS programme (Applied English Language Studies).

Ulf Engel as STIAS Fellow at Stellenbosch University

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Ulf Engel

Project: From July until October 2011 Prof. Ulf Engel worked as a fellow at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS). During this time he began his work and research for a new book on the politics of the African Union in cases of unconstitutional changes of government.


  • Workshop - “New Trends in the Mediation of Conflicts in Africa - Emerging Policy Scripts and Divisions of Labour”
  • Publication based on the revised outcomes of the workshop

Area and Global Studies

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme: Global Studies - A European Perspective

Partner from Leipzig: Global and European Studies Institute

Partner from Stellenbosch: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Project: The Erasmus Mundus Master Programme "Global Studies - A European Perspective" is an interdisciplinary, research-based master offered jointly by a consortium of five European universities:

  • Roskilde Universitet, Denmark
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
  • Universität Leipzig, Germany (co-ordinator)
  • Universität Wien, Austria
  • Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Poland

The European Commission is supporting EMGS with a generous grant scheme for students and scholars and a mobility scheme which links the consortium to six non-European partners:

  • Dalhousie University, Canada
  • Fudan University, China
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
  • Macquarie University, Australia
  • University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
  • University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

The Global and European Studies Institute (GESI) is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy of Leipzig University and devoted to graduate teaching and research in the field of Globalisation and Europeanisation. It works at the cross-roads of several disciplines and aims at an analytical interpretation of the global condition in which we live. We do so by studying its emergence over and by examining the reciprocity of increasing flows of people, goods, capital and ideas transcending traditional borders of political, economic and cultural units on the one hand and to changing attempts of gaining control over these flows on the other hand.

Binational Doctorates - “cotutelle de thèse”

Partners from Leipzig: Professor Ulf Engel; Institute for African Studies and European and Global Studies Institute and ProfessorMatthias Middell; Global and European Studies Institute

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Jan Botha; Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST)

Project: A formal agreement between Stellenbosch and Leipzig provides the basis for so-called cotutelles de thése, i.e. binational doctorates which are jointly supervised. So far, two candidates from Leipzig University have earned their doctorate degrees, which were issued by both universities.

Results: In 2014, Stefanie Baumert successfully finished her research project on developments in the higher education landscape of South Africa after the end of Apartheid. Susann de Ruijter received a doctorate in 2016 for her publication “Constructing Climate Change Knowledge”. The example of small-scale farmers in the Swartland region, South Africa”.

Further information:

Press Release: "Promotion transnational - Zwei Hochschulen, ein Erfolg" 

Website Information: Binational Doctoral Degrees

History of Universities in Times of Transformation - South Africa and Germany Compared

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Matthias Middell

Partners from Stellenbosch: Professor Jan Botha, Professor Johan Hattingh

Project: While Leipzig University celebrated its 600th anniversary in 2009, Stellenbosch University will mark its centenary celebrations in 2017. Nevertheless, both universities continue to show a concern for institutional development and the challenges of societal transformation processes. The transformations put into motion in 1989 unfolded differently as a result of different contexts. This does not stand in the way of their comparison, but rather calls for a global historic framing of the same.  


  • Doctoral thesis by Stefanie Baumert (co-tutelle) on transnationalisation tendencies at SU after 1989
  • Colloquia
  • Empirical studies
  • Conference - “Leipzig-Stellenbosch: Two Cases Of University Transformation within Societal Change”

Past activities 

  • Ernst van der Wal as guest researcher at Leipzig University

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Matthias Middell

Partner from Stellenbosch: Dr Ernst van der Wal

Project: During his stay at Leipzig University in the spring of 2016, Ernst van der Wal investigated “The Framing of Sexual and/or Gender Variance: A German/South African Exchange” while contributing to the research programme “Adaptation and Creativity in Africa” at the Centre for Area Studies.

Results: Peer-review publications

  • Scarlett Cornelissen holds Leibniz professorship at Leipzig University

Partners from Leipzig: Professor Ulf Engel, Professor Matthias Middell 

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Scarlett Cornelissen 

Project: The Leibniz Professorship is awarded biannually to renowned international scholars and is one of the highest honours conferred by Leipzig University. Leibniz Professors provide impetus for research, teaching, and the development of the next generation of scholars and serve to enhance university life. Scarlett Cornelissen of Stellenbosch University held this position during the summer semester of 2015, conducting research courses, giving talks at conferences, and helping to further develop the joint master programme “Global Studies - A European Perspective”. 


  • Research course for MA students/PhD candidates - “Cultural Transfer and World Orders” 
  • Joint publication - Handbook of Transregional Studies (Routledge, London)
  • Conference “Bruchzonen der Globalisierung” Conference“ 10 Years of Global Studies” 
  • Conference “Societal Tensions and the Development of Universities at Times of Transformation - South Africa and Germany Compared” 
  • Workshop on the relation between Global Studies and Transregional Studies
  • Workshop “Transnational History of Southern Africa and East Europe”

Partners from Leipzig: Institute of African Studies, Centre for Area Studies, Global and European Studies Institute, Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum Geschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas (GWZO) 

Partners from Stellenbosch: STIAS, History Department, African Doctoral Academy 

Project: In the context of the cooperation between the Departments for History and Political Science at Stellenbosch University and the Global and European Studies Institute of Leipzig University and the Erasmus Mundus Programme “Global Studies - A European Perspective”, a workshop took place in September 2011 at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study. The workshop was dedicated to the topic of the transnational history of Southern Africa and East Europe.

Results: During the workshop, new research results concerning the transnationalisation of both regions were presented and a new methodology to compare transnational exceedances of usual scopes in historiography was discussed.

Business Education/Management Training

“Crossing Boundaries: A Joint Environment for Research-Based Teaching and Learning”

This project is currently running and has implications for teaching, the joint development of teaching formats and joint research:

  • Joint Research-Based Teaching and Learning in the Fields of Business Management, Commerce Education and Management Training

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Fritz Klauser

Partners from Stellenbosch: Professor Charlene Schlechter, Dr. Nadia Mans-Kemp

Project: Development as well as implementation of new teaching and learning formats aimed at bachelor honours students (Stellenbosch) and master students (Stellenbosch, Leipzig); thematically they focus on quantitative and empirical methods in social research applied to economics/business management; methodically, multimedia learning environments are being created


  • New formats in the curricula at the universities in Stellenbosch and Leipzig
  • Master and PhD theses at both universities jointly supervised by scientists from SU, LU
  • Workshops
  • Visits of scholars from Stellenbosch/Leipzig to their respective partner universities for teaching purposes
  • Conferences in Germany and South Africa
  • Joint publications in scientific journals
  • “Linking research with teaching and learning processes in higher education institutions in Germany and South Africa”

Partner from Leipzig: Professor  Fritz Klauser

Partner from Stellenbosch: Dr Nadia Mans-Kemp

Project: Scientific surveys among students of Stellenbosch and Leipzig Universities to measure post-graduate students’ motivation, perspectives and experiences related to research-based learning


Platinum Group Metals

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Evamarie Hey-Hawkins

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Klaus. R. Koch

Project: Platinum Group Metals (PGM) are of great importance to South Africa as the world’s largest supplier of these metals; joint basic research on PGM, development of a training programme to meet the future needs of the industry Results: Joint research project Prof. Koch held the position of guest lecturer in the winter semester 2006/07 B.Sc. student from Leipzig hosted for Koch’s research group


  • Joint research project
  • Prof. Koch held a position of guest lecturer in the wintersemester 2006/07
  • B.Sc. student from Leipzig hosted for Koch’s research group

Further information:

Press Release: "Südafrikanischer Wissenschaftler forscht in Leipziger Chemie"


International Centre employee Anne Vorpagel (right hand side) while negotiating on the conditions for the joint master in Stellenbosch February 2011.

Binational Master "German as a Foreign Language in a German-African context

Project: The binational master programme aims on the scientific eduaction of teachers for German as Foreign Language and of experts in cultural mediation for intercultural exchange. it is carried out in close cooperation with Stellenbosch and Leipzig University.The study programme prepares its students for occupations in several fields - such as teaching, cultural mediation, cultural politics, media and publishing, international relations etc.

Moreover the masterprogram enables its students to autonomous research work on the subject German as a Foreign Language both under national and international conditions. The graduates achieve expertise on evident questions concerning the linguistic-cultural exchange in the German-African context.

Partner at Leipzig University: Professor Claus Altmayer, Dr Siegfried Steinmann

Partner at Stellenbosch University: Professor Carlotta von Maltzan 

Further Information:

Press Release SU - Start of the Master Programme

Studium Deutsch als Fremdsprache am Herder-Institut

“Zugehörigkeiten” within the subject of German as a Foreign Language

Partners from Leipzig: Professor Claus Altmayer

Partners from Stellenbosch: Professor Carlotta von Maltzan

Project: Studies on trends in the field of “Zugehörigkeiten” within the subject of German as a Foreign Language as well as in international German Studies


  • Conference - “Zugehörigkeiten” (Leipzig University, November 2016) 
  • Publication of conference proceedings in progress
  • 2nd conference in Stellenbosch in November 2017 - preparation in progress
  • 3rd conference in Leipzig in 2018 - preparation in progress

Sustainable Development

Joint International Master in Sustainable Development

Partner from Leipzig: Institute for Infrastructure and Resources Management

Project: This Joint Master’s Programme was developed by a consortium which consists of Utrecht University, University of Graz, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and Leipzig University. Basel University, Hiroshima University, Stellenbosch University and Teri University are associated partners in the programme. The programme focusses on applying competencies to the question of sustainable development and the needs and possibilities of societal transformation.

Further information:

Website of the Joint International Master in Sustainable Development


Old Testament Studies

Five projects are running at the moment:

  • Magic and Ritual in Literary Texts

Partners from Leipzig: Professor Angelika Berlejung, Dr Franziska Naether

Partners from Stellenbosch: Professor Izak Cornelius, Professor Hendrik Bosman, Professor Johan Thom

Project: Studies on the attestation of magic and rites in literary texts of the Ancient Near East, the Old Testament, Egypt and in Greek and Latin Literatures (since 2016)


Publication of a joint interdisciplinary study in the series ORA, “Orientalische Religionen in der Antike”, is planned for 2019

  • Ancient Near Eastern and Palestinian Iconography 

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Angelika Berlejung

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Izak Cornelius

Project: Studies on the iconography of the Iron Age, in particular on a reconstruction of the history of the regional religion in Palestine (since 2015)


  • Conference - “The Physicality of the Other. Masks as Means of Encounter” (Leipzig University, November 2015)
  • Conference - “Teaching Morality in Antiquity Wisdom Texts, Oral Traditions and Images” (Leipzig University, November/December 2016)
  • Panel - IOSOT Panel “News in the Research on the History of Ancient Israel” (Stellenbosch University, September 2016)
  • Publication of a joint anthology in the series ORA, “Orientalische Religionen in der Antike”, is planned for 2018
  • History of religions in the post-exilic period

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Angelika Berlejung

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Louis Jonker

Project: Studies on the major theological topics which shaped the post-exilic period, based on the literary sources of that period (since 2015)


  • Panel - IOSOT joint panel in Stellenbosch, September 2016
  • Archaeology in the Levant: The Philistines

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Angelika Berlejung

Partners from Stellenbosch: Professor Isak Cornelius, Professor Louis Jonker

Project: The focus is on the archaeological material of the Iron Age, which both professors try to relate to the Old Testament

  • Relating ethics and logic in Old Testament wisdom literature: exploring early Jewish rationality according to Job and Ecclesiastes

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Andreas Schüle

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Hendrik Bosman

Project: Studies on the confluence and intersections of various strands of theological-ethical discourses in the wisdom literature of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. The scientists will investigate the nature and scope of rationality as defined in these two wisdom literature documents, seeking to make a valuable contribution to the investigation of the possible effect(s) of philosophical framework on biblical interpretation.


  • Where have all the prophets gone? Prophetical and political preaching in different contexts (South Africa, Germany, USA)

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Alexander Deeg

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Paul Cilliers

Project: Studies on the role of political/prophetical preaching in different cultural, ecclesial and political contexts. The studies aim to describe the societal conditions for political preaching in different traditions and to work on future research (since 2017).

  • International Journal of Homiletics – the first international journal on homiletical research

Partner from Leipzig: Professor Alexander Deeg

Partner from Stellenbosch: Professor Paul Cilliers

Project: In a collaboration between Prof. Deeg and Prof. Cilliers and in cooperation with Duke Divinity School, USA and Copenhagen University, the first international journal of homiletics was published in 2016 (the second volume will appear in 2017). It is an online open access journal (based at the library of Leipzig University).

last update: 11.07.2017 


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