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Mensch und Gehirn


25.01.2017 - Kolloquium

Lying, Misleading, and the Argument from Cultural Slopes

Neuer Senatssaal
Ritterstraße 26
04109 Leipzig

25.01.2017, 11:00 - 13:00 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Lisa Herzog, München

Frau Prof. Dr. Herzog wird ein Paper vorstellen.
This paper proposes a novel argument for drawing a distinction between lying and misleading. It is based on considerations about social contexts in which agents can observe one another’s behaviour and in which informal social norms play an important role. In such contexts, individual actions can function as signals about these social norms, in a mechanism that can be modelled as a form of Bayesian updating. Given that certain social norms play an important role in supporting moral agency, individuals, especially those whose actions are highly visible, have a moral responsibility to preserve these norms and to prevent processes of erosion or "cultural slopes". Actively manipulating social norms in order to prevent "cultural slopes" is problematic, not only because of the difficulty of predicting effects, but also because it can involve treating others as means rather than ends. This suggests that the best moral strategy is a strict adherence to simple rules, such as the rule "do not lie". Hence, in cases in which dissimulating the truth is morally justified, doing it through forms of misleading is morally preferable to lying. In other words, the possibility of "cultural slopes" can ground a valid slippery slope argument.

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Prof. Dr. Kristina Musholt

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