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19.04.2017 - Vortrag

Antrittsvorlesung Leibniz-Prof. Gries: On the role and use of quantitative methods in linguistics

Bibliotheca Albertina
Beethovenstraße 6
04107 Leipzig

19.04.2017, 17 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Stefan Th. Gries

Die Research Academy Leipig lädt alle Interessierten herzlich zur Antrittsvorlesung des Leibniz-Professors im Sommersemester 2017, Prof. Dr. Stefan Gries ein. Im Anschluss an seinen Vortrag gibt es einen kleinen Empfang.

>> On the role and use of quantitative methods in linguistics <<

Linguistics has always been a very varied and heterogeneous
discipline in the sense that, arguably, anything having to do
with language can be perceived at least partially as being
related to, or part of, linguistics.

Prof. Gries will begin with a brief sketch of how the field of
linguistics has evolved over the last 30-40 years to highlight
the changes in how language is now studied from both from
a theoretical and a methodological view. With regard to the
former, much of linguistics has become much more cognitively
or psycholinguistically oriented than previously; with regard
to the latter, linguistics has become a discipline that relies
much more on observational data as well as quantitative /
statistical methods.

Prof. Gries will then discuss a variety of case studies that
showcase the potential of observational data studied with
quantitative methods for a range of linguistic areas; these include
applications on the coming-into-existence of words and
other fixed expressions, the relevance/import of spelling in
internet discourse, the change of language over time, the learning
of language by foreign language learners, and lastly,
the application of linguistics in legal settings.

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Prof. Dr. Monika Wohlrab-Sahr
- Direktorin des Leibniz-Programms

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