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Im Folgenden finden Sie die Promotionsvorhaben der Awardees aus der Kohorte 2020. Die Promotionsinteressenten werden im Verlauf des Jahres gemeinsam mit den promovierten Forschenden jeweils ihr Projekt weiterentwickeln und versuchen, innerhalb des Förderzeitraumes eine finanzielle Förderung für die Promotion einzuwerben.

 Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait zweier Personen. Links Leon Heim und rechts Dr. Jonas Held. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Christian Hüller aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award Kickoff 2020, Leon Heim & Dr. Jonas Held, Foto: Christian Hüller

How does the child become rational? Understanding the process of familial upbringing with Hegel and the late Wittgenstein

Einrichtung: Institut für Philosophie

Abstract: What is the fundamental difference between humans and animals? Referring to so-called “transformative theories of rationality”, I understand humans as essentially rational animals: their rational capacities fundamentally transforms their animality. Where to locate and how to understand this transformation? I argue that it is in the context of familial upbringing that a human being acquires rational capacities. The question then is: How to conceive of an infant before the process of turning it into a rational being? And how to conceive of that process? I aim to answer these questions with reference to Hegel and Wittgenstein. I will try to show that rationality emerges when the child is being introduced into an existing linguistic lifeform.

Leon Antonio Heim

Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften und Philosophie
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

Dr. Jonas Held

Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15, Raum 1111
04107 Leipzig

Tandemfoto 2020: Höhle

Das Bild zeigt Portraitfoto von Marlene Höhle. Sie ist Awardee im Pre-Doc Award 2020. Das Foto wurde von Christian Hüller aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award 2020, Marlene Höhle. Foto: Christian Hüller

Biogegegraphical, ecological, and morphological variability of European Cyprideis (Ostracoda)

Einrichtung: Institut für Geophysik und Geowissenschaften

Abstract: Invertebrates are highly diverse, vast array of ecosystem services, and important for the human wellbeing, but still often neglected in biodiversity conservation policies. One of them are ostracods, which are popular model organisms to study their biogeography, biodiversity and evolution and the interaction with climatological and ecological changes on geological timescales. Our aim is the understanding of correlation between geographical range, ecological preferences and morphological variability of the brackish water species Cyprideis torosa.

Morphometric investigations of C. torosa soft and hard parts may differentiate geographical morphotypes and/or species with differing ecological preferences and tolerances. Furthermore, the radiation of Cyprideis species in Europe may show geographical patterns, reflecting e.g., changes between glacial and interglacial.

Marlene Höhle

Institut für Geophysik und Geologie
Talstraße 35, Raum 0-13
04103 Leipzig

Telefax: +49 341 97-32809

 Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait zweier Personen. Jovana Kuhlmann links und Dr. Jenny Hagen rechts. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Franziska Hagen aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award 2020 Tandem: Jovana Kuhlmann (links) und Dr. Jenny Hagen (rechts). Foto: Franziska Hagen.

Biomechanics and regeneration of the equine digital superficial flexor tendon examined with High-Speed Fluorescence Kinematography

Institution: Veterinär-Anatomisches Institut, Fakultät für Veterinärmedizin

Abstract: The superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) is one of the most injured structures of the musculoskeletal system in sport horses. The project’s aim is to visualize and measure morphometric changes and strain of sound and injured equine SDFT in vivo during motion in walk and trot using biplanar high-speed fluoroscopic kinematography (FluoKin) as an innovative motion analysis technique. The project brings already performed fundamental ex vivo examination into a clinical context. Examination of sound, injured and healing equine SDFT during motion is usable as a model to study biomechanical properties of tendons as a model for pathogenesis and therapy of human tendopathies.

 Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait zweier Personen. Kevin Protze links und Dr. Jonas Schollmeyer rechts. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Christian Hüller aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award 2020 Tandem: Kevin Protze links und Dr. Jonas Schollmeyer rechts. Foto: Christian Hüller.

Literarische Polemik in der Dichtung der römischen Republik – Literary polemics in Roman republican poetry

Einrichtung: Institut für Klassische Philologie und Komparatistik

Abstract: Polemical quarrels among people of public interest are not an invention of modern – or even digital – times. Instead, already in classical antiquity people were accusing and insulting each other on a regular basis. Of course, that seems to be a mostly oral phenomenon, but when it comes to poets, things are different: They incorporate their polemics against colleagues or critics into their literary works. Thus, in some cases we still have the opportunity to analyse them. When poets discuss their work and their quality, they necessarily discuss about fundamental questions of poetry. Therefore, my analysis will mainly concentrate on poetological issues treated in polemical passages and how they are formulated.

Kevin Protze

Klassische Philologie (Latinistik)
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

Dr. Friedrich Jonas Schollmeyer

Klassische Philologie (Latinistik)
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15, Raum 3303
04107 Leipzig

Language and Experience – A Kantian Approach

Einrichtung: Institut für Philosophie

Abstract: We could not acquire knowledge about our environment if we were not able to perceive it in some way or another. But what exactly is the nature of the contribution that
perception makes to knowledge? The standard answers given by contemporary philosophers differ widely at the level of detail, but most of them share the idea that
perception presents something to us on the basis of which we can make judgments about the things we perceive. Bastian argues that any such answer runs into serious
problems, and that we can avoid these problems if we turn to Kant and extract from his text an alternative conception of experience. According to this alternative conception,
perceptual experience is a judgment.

Bastian Schönfeld

Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften und Philosophie
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

Ph. D. Gilad Nir

Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15, Raum H2 1.08
04107 Leipzig

Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait zweier Personen. Lucas Wissmeyer links und Dr. Simon Schuster rechts. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Christian Hüller aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award 2020 Tandem: Lucas Wissmeyer links & Dr. Simon Schuster rechts. Foto: Christian Hüller

Jurisprudence of climate change

Einrichtung: Juristenfakultät

Abstract: There is no doubt that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing modern society, and its management requires far-reaching social and economic transformation. In order to manage and legitimize the necessary changes, the law has often been made responsible: International treaties oblige states to reduce greenhouse gases, there are lawsuits by associations and individuals against states, against the EU and against corporations. Despite this diverse instruments in the law, the available means appear to be both inadequate and inappropriate. This project aims to investigate why the law has so far been so difficult to find an adequate approach to climate change.

Dr. Simon Schuster

Öffentliches Recht, Völkerrecht, Europarecht
Burgstraße 21, Raum 4.14
04109 Leipzig

Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait zweier Personen. Links Dorukhan Acil und rechts Dr. Lars White. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Christian Hüller aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award 2020, Tandem: Dorukhan Acil (l.) & Dr. Lars White (r.). Foto: Christian Hüller

When do youth generalize representations of parents to peers? One size fits all or generalizing only to those who fit

Einrichtung: Medizinische Fakultät, Klinik für Psychiatrie, Psychotherape und Psychosomatik des Kindes- und Jugendalters

Abstract: The phenomenon whereby mental representations of significant others guide one’s perception, affect and behavior during encounters with unfamiliar individuals has long caught the attention of researchers and practitioners. However, cognitive-affective mechanisms underlying this process remain surprisingly underspecified to date. The present project aims to shed light upon developmental and clinical aspects of representation generalization by a design combining social-cognitive transference paradigm and game-theoretical tasks. To this end, we are going to examine the extent to which maltreated youth and their non-maltreated counterparts generalize their parental representations to new peers during a computerized Trust Game and how this reflects on their emotion and behavior.

Pre-Doc Award, Kickoff, Tandem
Pre-Doc Award 2020. Tandem: Richard Friedrich & Dr. Christina Weinberg. Foto: Christian Hüller

Unravelling the role of catalytic RNAs in bacteria

Einrichtung: Christina Weinberg Lab / Institut für Biochemie (Arbeitsgruppe Biochemie und Molekularbiologie)

Abstract: Ribozymes are ribonucleic acids (RNAs) that perform chemical reactions. Fourteen different ribozyme classes are known in nature and they catalyze often essential functions in the cell. Nine ribozyme classes are self‑cleaving. These ribozymes cut their own phosphate backbone site‑specifically into two pieces by a transesterification reaction. Although the biological functions of some of these self-cleaving ribozymes are well understood, for the majority of individual examples — and especially for entire self-cleaving ribozyme classes — the biological significance remains completely unknown. It is our goal to elucidate functions of self-cleaving ribozymes in bacteria, where, apart from a single exception, we know nothing about the biological roles of these abundant and highly conserved RNAs.

Dr. Christina Weinberg

Brüderstraße 34, Raum 216
04103 Leipzig

Das Bild zeigt zwei Portraitfotos nebeneinander. Dr. Martin Endres links und Marvin Bazanava rechts. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Beide Fotos wurden von Christian Hüller aufgenommen.
2020 Pre-Doc Award, Marvin Bazanava rechts & Dr. Martin Endres links. Fotos: Christian Hüller

The art of print. Close readings under inclusion of materiality: Stefan George's Tage und Thaten and Arno Holz's Phantasus.

Einrichtung: Philologische Fakultät, Institut für Germanistik

Abstract: My dissertation project is located in the field of literary studies and can be understood as a contribution to a philological countermovement aiming at its ‚rephilologisation’. I attempt close reading that specifically poses questions about the various logics and functions of elements of literary texts. Thus my project seeks to elaborate the individual aesthetic facture of a text, instead of examining it on account of the biographical background of its author or the general defining characteristics of a literary epoch. In addition, an essential aspect of my approach is the increased attention to the materiality of literary texts, e.g. to its typographical realization, asking if or how this materiality might be understood as part of its aesthetic reflection.

JP Dr. Martin Endres

Medialität u. Performativität der deutschen Sprache u. Literatur (JP)
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15, Raum 1407
04107 Leipzig

Marvin Rudi Bazanava

Institut für Germanistik
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

The role of bacterial translocation to adipose tissue in metabolic disease

Einrichtung: Klinik für Endokrinologie und Nephrologie

Ms. Tabei has left Leipzig University mid-February to take up a PhD-position that was offered to her at another German university. We wish her all the best for her personal pathway and research career.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Portraitfotos nebeneinander. Alexandra Bluhm links und Dr. Corinna Höfling rechts. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Jens Stieler aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award 2020 Tandem: Alexandra Bluhm links & Dr. Corinna Höfling rechts. Fotos: Jens Stieler

Post-translational protein modification in Parkinson’s disease

Einrichtung: Paul-Flechsig-Institut für Hirnforschung

Abstract: Does a common pathogenic mechanism in neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer´s- (AD) and Parkinson´s disease (PD) exist? To answer this question, we focus on glutaminyl cyclase (QC). The key role of QC-modified-amyloid-beta-peptides is a well-established fact. Now, the assumption of similar molecular mechanisms in PD will be verified by testing α-synuclein fragments as substrates for QC in vitro and in vivo. Further, aggregation and neurotoxic characteristics of modified-α-synuclein will be compared to maternal α-synuclein-peptides in primary mouse neurons, astrocytes and microglia cells. Finally, in co-aggregation assays modified-α-synuclein and Amyloid-beta-peptides will be tested to get insights into protein cross-seeding events that may accelerate neurotoxicity. The major goal is to find a novel overlapping therapeutic target for AD and PD.

Default Avatar

Dr. Corinna Höfling

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin

Paul-Flechsig-Institut für Hirnforschung
Jahnallee 59
04109 Leipzig

 Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait zweier Personen. Links Katrin Werkhausen und rechts Dr. Franziska Lautenbach. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Christian Hüller aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award 2020, Tandem: Katrin Werkhausen links & Dr. Franziska Lautenbach rechts. Foto: Christian Hüller

The Undoing-effect of Positive Emotions - Psychophysiological Benefits and unknown Scopes of Positive Emotions in Sports

Einrichtung: Sportwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Institut für Sport- und Bewegungspsychologie

Abstract: Although, research in Sport Psychology aims to promote physical activity and help people to realize their potential, prevalent topics of interest are predominantly deficit-oriented. Our project takes a view of a resouce-oriented field of Positive Psychology and aims to investigate the Undo-Effect of Positive Emotions in the context in psychophysiological stress of performance-oriented athletes. Therefore, a series of lab and field studies are planned. By examining the underlying mechanism of action, we strive to deduce guidance for athletes and coaches in order to enable sport performance in a sustainable and healthy way.


Katrin Werkhausen

Sportwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Haus 1, T-Trakt
Jahnallee 59
04109 Leipzig

Dr. Franziska Lautenbach

Haus 1, T-Trakt
Jahnallee 59, Raum Haus 7, Raum 111
04109 Leipzig

nach Vereinbarung

Das Bild zeigt zwei Portraitfotos nebeneinander. Links Dr. Ralph Zimmermann und rechts Jonas Deyda. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Foto links: privat, Foto rechts: Christian Hüller.
Pre-Doc Award 2020, Tandem: Dr. Ralph Zimmermann links und Jonas Deyda rechts. Foto l.: privat, Foto r.: Christian Hüller.

state neutrality – the historical development of a political term

Einrichtung: Juristenfakultät

Abstract: State neutrality – the equal treatment of subjects of fundamental rights and the equal distance to certain parties, religions or world views - is currently of great interest. Verdicts against the right to wear a hijab in court or concerning public officials speaking out against the far right occupy courts or fuel public debates. This project examines the definition of state neutrality in the legal discourse: How is the understanding of state neutrality shaped by the historical situations? It will follow the hypothesis that major historical shifts such as the post-1968 turn to the left, the establishment of a migration society or the current rise of the far right are reflected or repelled on the legal terrain through the (re)definition of state neutrality.

Jonas Deyda

Burgstraße 27
04109 Leipzig

 Das Bild zeigt ein Portrait zweier Personen. Johann Christoph Gümmer links und Dr. Philip Bockholt rechts. Sie bilden ein Tandem im Rahmen des Pre-Doc Awards 2020. Das Foto wurde von Dorothea Schmidt aufgenommen.
Pre-Doc Award Tandem: Johann Christoph Gümmer links & Dr. Philip Bockholt rechts. Foto: Dorothea Schmidt

Shiʿa Islam on a Global Scope: Uṣūlī Religious Literature in the Eastern Islamic World

Einrichtung: Fakultät für Geschichte, Kunst- und Orientwissenschaften; Orientalisches Institut

Abstract: During the 18th and 19th centuries, a Shiʿa Islam reform movement called uṣūlīs aimed at modernizing and globalizing the Shiʿa community based on rational philosophy. Between 1750 and 1857, the Shiʿa dynasty of the Nawabs in North India embraced this approach, and facilitated further intellectual exchange within its realm. However, as only limited research has yet been done, the consequences for Islamic thought in Asia have remained unclear until today. By examining the transmission of Arabic texts from Iraq via Iran to Northern India, and their reception in the dominant Islamic literary languages of Muslims on the Indian subcontinent (Persian and Urdu), the project will analyse transregional intellectual developments in the eastern Islamic world.

Dr. Philip Bockholt

Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Arabistik und Islamwissenschaft
Schillerstraße 6, Raum S 212
04109 Leipzig

Telefax: +49 341 97-37219

Johann Christoph Gümmer

Fakultät für Geschichte, Kunst- und Orientwissenschaften
Schillerstraße 6
04109 Leipzig

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