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Im Rahmen des Erasmus-Lehrenden-Austauschs ist Prof. Dr. Mirella Klomp von der Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam an der Theologischen Fakultät zu Gast. Am 18.11.2021 hält sie einen öffentlichen Gastvortrag.

Food in times of crisis. A sacramental approach to a diaconal meals project during the Covid-19 pandemic

18. November 2021, 20.15 Uhr
Theologische Fakultät, Beethovenstr. 25, Hörsaal 1. Etage

Shortly after the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis, churches and church organizations all around the globe started to offer local emergency relief to those in need. Among other things, they offered diaconal support in the shape of food and meals. In Amsterdam (NL), international and migrant churches in a multicultural part of the city decided to join forces, and set up a diaconal meals project to deliver meals to people’s houses. In doing so, they provided meals to people who were unable to do their own groceries or to cook themselves a (warm) meal, due to illness or financial difficulties, but also to those who were lonely and/or had no social network of people who would keep an eye on them. As one, relatively small project, operating alongside other aid initiatives, the meals project soon received many more enlistments than anticipated, and the Covid-19 crisis lasted longer than expected, which raised questions regarding the underlying needs and how to proceed in the long term. Together with the Protestant Theological University, they decided to research the question: How does the meals project of Treasures and Lutherse Diaconie expose structural needs in Amsterdam Zuidoost, and how can these needs be addressed in a sustainable manner?

In this lecture, Dr. Klomp will present the outcomes of this research. She will reveal how the dynamics of this diaconal meal project resemble the dynamics of the meal sharing of Holy Supper, and suggest that every ecclesial practice of meal sharing has a sacramental potential.

Mirella C.M. Klomp works as Associate Professor of Practical Theology at the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam, with specialisation in Liturgical and Ritual Studies. Her field of expertise lies at the intersection of lived religion and culture, and at the interface between the sacred and the secular. Research topics of interest have been liturgy and music in intercultural contexts, music in the public sphere (esp. Passion performances) as well as rituals and ritualized practices of food and meals. She coordinates the work of the Amsterdam Network for Interdisciplinary Studies on Eating. Next to her position in Amsterdam, she is Privatdozentin für Praktische Theologie in evangelischer Theologie mit den Schwerpunkten Liturgie und Ritualtheorie at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Bern, Switzerland, and member of the Kompetenzzentrum Liturgik.

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