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Im Anschluss an überaus inspirierende Summerschools vergangener Jahre, in denen Jüdinnen und Juden von der Bar Ilan-Universität (Israel) und christliche Theologiestudierende aus Leipzig und Neuendettelsau gemeinsam biblische Texte lesen und diskutieren konnten, laden wir auch dieses Jahr wieder zu einer (digitalen) Version des "Dialogical Bible Reading" ein. Es soll eine Bibellektüre praktiziert werden, die davon ausgeht, dass biblische Texte reicher werden, je mehr unterschiedliche Perspektiven und Auslegungen sich mit ihnen verbinden. Jede Stimme zählt! Dieses Jahr werden die Erzählungen um Simson im Fokus stehen.

Get a fresh and relevant perspective on seemingly familiar biblical texts!

What might sound like a bold promise or the advertisement for a “new magical method” is precisely the experience we made over the last years.

“We” is a group of Jews and Christians from Germany, Israel, and other countries of the world. We do one thing – and one thing

only: We read biblical texts and join into a conversation with them. We bring our differing ages, professional and private backgrounds, and religious traditions to the table and try to leave them behind at the same time.

Got curious?

Join us this octobre for another experiment and share an experience, which cannot be described in words. This time we will be studying some stories about Samson in the Book of Judges together .

In addition to our reading, we will be enriched by several lectures, deepening our understanding of the text. What cultural and literary contexts are important for our grasp on the story? How do music and art reflect on it? What psychological insights might help to dig deeper into the narrative? We may even hear about the inter relation of the Samson stories and military ethics.

Come and join for three evenings of dialogical Bible reading via Zoom on October 12, 19 and 21 5-8pm German time.

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Erstellt von: Anika Mélix