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In his presentation in the Leipzig Lab interdisciplinary lecture series “Grenzgänge”, Thomas Stodulka speaks about the concept of “worlding” in permaculture school gardens.

In times of accelerated globalization, with the overheated circulation of lifestyle desires and future imaginaries of the good life, children’s education has become a site of contested governmental, activist, and entrepreneurial assemblages that connect translocal actors and communities. The literature on transnational education has demonstrated that knowledge circulation prompts the production of “mobile worlds” – the movement of bodies, ideas, and finances. This presentation extends this well-established body of research and focuses on the connectivities of “minor utopias” emerging from within and across borders. It focusses on the recently emerging national permaculture and school-gardening curriculum pertaining to primary school education in Timor Leste. To theorize the relations and processes that connect translocal actors, communities, and globally circulating pedagogies, Thomas Stodulka draws on the concept of “worlding” – the continual process of emplacing translocal ideas and assemblages in concrete environments.

Thomas Stodulka is Junior Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology, with a special focus on Psychological Anthropology, at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. His work focuses on the interplay between affect, emotion, childhood and adolescence, mental health and illness, stigmatization and marginalization, and ethnographic methods.

He is an associated member of the Leipzig Lab working group "Children and Nature".

About the lecture series:
The lecture series “Grenzgänge” is an initiative of the Leipzig Lab with the aim of discussing cross-disciplinary issues and initiating interdisciplinary research. On each date, a fellow from one of the three working groups will present his or her research in the context of the Leipzig Lab and discuss it with the members of the Leipzig Lab and all those interested.

In addition to the scientific exchange with the fellows, this series of lectures is intended to open up the Leipzig Lab to the whole university and open up new spaces for further discussions and possible cooperation. The series will conclude with a final discussion on the topic of "Körper-Grenzen" with representatives of all working groups of the Leipzig Lab and other guests.

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  • 25 January 2021, 19:30: Final Discussion: “Körper-Grenzen”

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