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The first Postdoc Club in 2020 will consist of a teaser talk, exchange and common dinner. The talk will be about intercultural competence, which is regarded as one of the central key skills in the 21st century with a high value on the job market and during international projects. Anne-Coralie Bonnaire, Leipzig University Alumni und Postdoc at Chemnitz University of Technology is the speaker and all postdocs interested are welcome! After the talk we offer a Chat & Snack to network and connect.

Anne-Coralie Bonnaire, Foto: Arthur Ferrari

  • Due to coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the measures that have been taken locally and nationwide to prevent it’s further spread, this event will be postponed. We will inform you as soon as possible about the new details and hope that we can still meet and chat all healthy at some time soon in the future. Please take care!
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Intercultural competence is regarded as one of the central soft skills in the 21st century and its value on the job market and as a plus during international projects is nowadays very high. How do different communication models influence your way of learning and collaborate during your studies and within an multicultural team? Are you firmly convinced that “yes” always means “yes”? What distance between you and your co-students is appropriate? This “teaser talk” about “Intercultural Competence in Academia” focuses on specific traits of learning in an intercultural environment and addresses differences of communication styles between students, researchers and academic staff using interactive exercises. Depending on your interest and questions, topics such as intercultural management and working in intercultural teams could also be covered. Hints for developing intercultural sensitiveness and your own intercultural strategies whilst researching and working abroad will be given.

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The speaking postdoc

Anne-Coralie Bonnaire holds a PhD in Communication and Media Sciences from Leipzig University and the Université Paris Descartes. She has been an academic member at the Chemnitz University of Technology on the project “Academic Integration of International Students” since May 2016 until March 2019 and a replacement of the Chair “Intercultural Pedagogy” since April 2019. She had pursued her bachelor’s and diploma degree in Cinema Studies in France and the Czech Republic and holds three master degrees in Intercultural Communication, Journalism and Cultural Studies from Universities in France, Germany and Bulgaria. Her research interests include internationalisation of higher education and methods to compare media systems.

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Chat & Snack at Café Cantona

At approximately 7 pm you will have the possibility for a Chat & Snack at Café Cantona (Windmühlenstraße 29, 04107 Leipzig) to network and connect with Postdocs from Leipzig across disciplines, research institutions and nations.

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