Bachelor of Science (International Physics Studies Program)

The University of Leipzig

Leipzig University has a history of more than 600 years, and its Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences has been home to some of the most brilliant scientists of the 20th century such as Otto Wiener, Ludwig Boltzmann, Werner Heisenberg and Gustav Hertz. Today, it has more than 1400 students, 115 of which belong to our International Physics Studies Program.

Located in the northwest of Saxony, Leipzig also offers interesting cultural and leisure opportunities.

Information on the IPSP Program

The International Physics Studies Program (IPSP) was founded especially for students from foreign countries who would like to take the opportunity to study physics in Germany but haven't developed their skills in this language yet. An internationally appointed staff provides general courses in physics, mathematics, computer sciences and chemistry in English. Special courses cover modern topics of theoretical, basic, applied and experimental physics as well as technology related laboratory and research with state of the art equipment.

Studies towards Bachelor and Master of Science degrees are offered for all undergraduate and graduate students free of tuition fees. Also, doctoral studies are possible in the BuildMoNa graduate school funded by the excellence initiative of the German Research Council.

General Information

The three year course bachelor program provides courses in mathematics, experimental and theoretical physics. Introductory courses are supplemented by elective courses according to the student's interest.

  • Mathematics: The fundamentals of calculus, algebra and diferential equations are covered, forming the basis
    for the advanced courses to come.
  • Experimental Physics: General courses in classical topics like Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Optics, as
    well as modern subjects ranging from Atomic to Solid State Physics both from a practical and applied point
    of view. Live examples and experiments illustrate the lectures.
  • Theoretical Physics: More complex courses such as Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics or
    Statistical Mechanics, that make stronger use of advanced mathematical concepts.
  • Laboratories: From the most basic laws in the first year to the work with some very advanced devices in the
    fifth semester, the laboratories allow to put into practice all that was learned in lectures.
  • Non-physical subject: German courses, Introduction to Chemistry or Computer Science are offered
    as elective courses. Furthermore you can even attend any course from the offer of the University.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Find a group of your interest in the faculty, a supervisor, and do your own research!

Once you have completed your courses and your thesis, you have the degree!

Course Schedule



Basic Studies

Advanced Studies









Waves, Thermodynamics

Electromagnetism, Optics*

Atoms, Molecules*

Thermodynamics, Soft Matter

Solid State Physics



Classical Mechanics I

Electrodynamics I

Classical Mechanics II, Electrodynamics II

Quantum Mechanics

Statistical Physics  

Physics Laboratory

Undergraduate Lab Course

* The laboratory courses are included  in the corresponding Experimental Physics modules.

Advanced Lab Course




Mathematics I

Mathematics II

Mathematics III

Numerical Methods in Physics




Chemistry or German Course**

Computational Software or German Course**

General Qualification or German Course**

Advanced Mathematics for Physicists

Choose from various physics courses

Final Paper


Project Oriented Course Bachelor Thesis

** German course obligatory for all international students.


Physics Laboratory


Enrollment/Admission Information

Enrollment into the IPSP is possible each Winter Semester which begins every year on October 1st. The deadline for applications of students of foreign countries is July 15th.

All foreign students with a secondary school leaving certificate from abroad must apply through the University Application Service for International Students.

Create your application form, print it and send it electronically. The printed copy has to be signed and sent by ordinary post with the following documentation:

  • Passport Photo.
  • Secondary School Certificate.
  • Grades awarded for the Secondary School Certificate.
  • Certificate of European B2 Level in English Language or, 500 hours of English education.
  • If you already studied at a University, the proof of the grades already provided. (e.g. Bachelor, Diploma...)
  • ... and list of subjects and grades already concluded.
  • In addition, if you are from China, Vietnam or Mongolia please submit a certificate issued by the relevant
    Akademische Prüfstelle.

To the address:


Universität Leipzig
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststraße 5
D-10829 Berlin


Finally you will be required to pay some administrative fees directly in the uni-assist.

A certified knowledge of German is not required. German courses are included into the International program as Non-Physical subject for all foreign students.

You can visit Universität Leipzig International Center's Guide for Students website for further information or the Office of Foreign Affairs of Leipzig University.

German students who want to apply can do so until September 15th via AlmaWeb.

There are no special requirements for German Students. You can find more information here: Bewerbung und Immatrikulation.


Contact us!

Are you thinking about taking part in our international program but still have some questions? Are you already an international student from our faculty and need a hand? Do not hesitate to contact our "buddy" Jakob Bürgermeister via the Internet or personally!

E-mail address:



This is the latest evaluation that the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung has published about the International Physics Studies Program in Leipzig University.


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