Are you aspiring for one of our 14 funded doctoral researcher positions starting on 1 October 2024 in Leipzig? The Research Training Group 2721 on “Hydrogen Isotopes”, funded by the German Research Foundation DFG, invites highly motivated Master’s students to apply for participation in the ¹²³H Recruiting Symposium held at Leipzig University from 18 to 20 June 2024. The application deadline (see below for details) is now 7 May 2024.

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An artists’ view of an undercoordinated copper site, which selectively binds molecular deuterium in the presence of molecular protium – one of the subjects of investigation in ¹²³H RTG.

Shaping future hydrogen isotope research

Imagine a world where exclusively using renewable and sustainable energy carriers, revolutionising drug design strategies and converting radioactive waste into precious materials are not mere aspirations, but a tangible future. Combining the expertise of 14 principal investigators, dedicating themselves to training the next generation of researchers in the fields of laser spectroscopy, materials science, lab-on-a-chip technology, organic synthesis, and radiochemistry, ¹²³H is committed to shaping this future. Together, we want to exploit the unique properties of hydrogen isotopes and contribute to these fields.

Since our inception with the first cohort in October 2021, we have established a dedicated training programme featuring academic and soft-skill courses, accompanied by a robust supervision and mentoring concept. Beyond profiting from funding of conference visits, our doctoral researchers have been embarking on extended research stays with our international collaboration partners. After three years of experience, our cutting-edge research projects are supported by established methods and facilities – one of them being a dedicated tritium lab in Leipzig. This allows us to offer aspiring doctoral researchers a clear path toward a doctoral degree, ideally within three years.

Situated in Leipzig, which ranks fourth place on the EU’s list of Europe’s most livable cities in 2023, our program offers more than research in an interdisciplinary environment. It invites you to life in an international and vibrant city combining a long cultural history with affordable living costs.

Take a leap – into heavy water

As the first cohort approaches graduation from our doctoral programme, we invite you, potential doctoral researchers in the second cohort, to explore our programme at the ¹²³H Recruiting Symposium. Dive into what ¹²³H is about, tour your potential work environment, and meet our principal investigators. Interact with our current doctoral researchers from the first cohort and get to know ¹²³H from the perspective of individuals who, not too long ago, were in the very position you find yourself in today. Discover how their journey unfolded and tap into the insights they've accumulated in the past three years. This recruitment goes beyond document submissions; you get to connect with the core of our community.




The members of the inaugural cohort will remain part of our community for several months. If you join us, you will be able to benefit from their knowledge and leverage their experience for a quick start into your doctoral project.

Our recruiting schedule

The ¹²³H Recruiting Symposium will take place before the application deadline for our joint call for applications for doctoral researcher positions in the 2nd cohort. While not a mandatory part of the recruiting process, participation in the ¹²³H Recruiting Symposium gives you the opportunity to get to know us and decide which projects you want to apply for.

  • extended to 7 May: Application deadline* for ¹²³H Recruiting Symposium
  • 10 May: Notification about acceptance
  • 18–20 June: Recruiting Symposium
  • 27 June: Application deadline* for our 14 doctoral researcher positions in the 2nd cohort
  • 4–19 July: Job interviews (online)
  • 1 October: Start of second cohort

* In case of any unfilled slots / positions, later applications will be considered.

Which project(s) are you most interested in?

Explore ¹²³H’s research projects

Pick your project and apply for participation

To apply for participation, please send a single PDF file with

  • a short cover letter stating which project(s) you are most interested in and why,
  • your CV,
  • your Master’s (or equivalent) certificate (including grades)
    or your current transcript of records and a statement about your (expected) date of graduation

to us via email.

Travel and overnight stay costs for invited participants will be covered within the limits allowed by applicable laws.

Any open questions? Contact our scientific coordinator:

Default Avatar

Dr. Toshiki Wulf

Scientific Coordinator

Linnéstraße 2, Room 2.01
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 36368

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