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Over a period of three months, nine teams of international students enrolled at the University of Leipzig and other Saxon universities worked together with companies from Saxony's SME sector and experts from the creative industries on online marketing campaigns for foreign markets. The aim was to develop a digital sales campaign for regional companies.

The 1st place went to Team Diafyt Quiz App, which aims to enter the Mexican market with an app for diabetics. Second place went to Team ARI Motors Espana Electric Vehicles, which manufactures small electric vans and plans to sell them in France and Spain in the future. Third place went to the Environmental Analysis team, which wants to make its water analysis methods better known throughout the EU. Seven students from the University of Leipzig were among the winners.

The Online Marketing Challenge was organized by the International SEPT Competence Center of the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the Internationalisierungsoffensive Sachsen (IOSax) and KREATIVES SACHSEN. Other partners were the Technical University of Dresden and the Dresden University of Applied Sciences.

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