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Working together with partners and industry is an integral part of the transfer of knowledge practised by Leipzig University. Our transfer initiatives support the application of academic insights throughout different areas of society as well as practice-based research and teaching.

Transfer by Application

We provide you with the right tools to apply your knowledge. We support start-ups, help develop inventions and patents, and foster economic partnerships.

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Glühbirne im Gras

Transfer through Consultation

Our scholars contribute their expertise and ideas to society through consultations and expert opinions, service learning activities, and their work on external committees.

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Foto: Nahaufnahme eines Mikrofons

Transfer by Communication

We share our knowledge in different ways. From networks, events and trade fairs, to the media and personal conversations – science communication is an integral part of the transfer practised by Leipzig University.

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(only in german) Ein Fächer, der Forschung und Transfer an der Universität Leipzig vorstellt

Research and Transfer

The e-paper has all our key research and transfer projects in the year 2021 at a glance – with in-depth information and the researchers’ contact details.

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About Leipzig University

Our university was founded in 1409 and is one of Germany’s leading universities for top-class research and medical expertise. The sheer variety of subjects on offer at our comprehensive university makes it possible to create added value for many different areas of society.

A tradition of diversity

We have a tradition of diversity; one that began more than six centuries ago. We promote international cooperation in teaching and research at our 14 faculties and 19 Central Institutions.

History of our University

Our university has been making history for over 600 years. Read about the most important historical milestones of one of Germany’s oldest universities, from its foundation in 1409 to the opening in 2017 of the Paulinum – Assembly Hall and University Church of St. Paul. The selected milestones in the University’s history reflect six centuries of political and social change.

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View of the vault inside the Paulinum – Assembly Hall and University Church of St. Paul. Photo: Steffen Spitzner

Modern university, long tradition

Our university is among the oldest in Europe. Many world-renowned figures taught or studied here. Leipzig has also frequently been the source of major development in the sciences. A member of the German U15 network, today we are one of the country’s leading universities when it comes to top-class research and medical expertise.

A cosmopolitan and modern comprehensive university, we offer more than 150 degree programme in disciplines from the natural sciences, law and medicine to the humanities and social sciences. We are concentrating our research strengths in the three strategic research fields “Changed order in a globalised world”, “Intelligent methods and materials” and “Sustainable principles for life and health”.

We aspire to be one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Germany. To achieve this goal, in 2018 Leipzig presented a university development plan that describes our strategic goals up to the year 2025 in research, teaching, transfer and administration as well as in the fields of internationalisation, equality and diversity, and digitisation. This strategy revolves around the motto “The Leipzig Way” and aims at interdisciplinarity and the formation of alliances.

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