The committees and working groups formed within the Staff Council can work on or prepare specific topics quickly and specifically.

On this page you will find the committees and working groups formed by the Staff Council of the University Sector as well as their members.

As part of the preparation of staff council meetings, applications from the department on individual staff matters – such as recruitment, redeployment, continued employment, increases in working hours, but also enquiries from employees (except for grouping) – are considered intensively here.

  • Chair: Thomas Biermann
  • Stefan Bernhardt
  • Imre Bösze
  • Sabine Kriegsmann
  • Matthias Rabe

These members are available to advise our employees on all aspects of grouping, whether it be job description, classification, recognition of previous periods, upgrading or transferring to more senior roles. They also deal intensively with such requests from the department in preparation for staff council meetings.

  • Chair: Thomas Biermann
  • Martina Braun
  • Mike Erkau
  • Daniela Gloger
  • Dr. Henry Ottilie

This is where matters are prepared and applications intensively examined that are not individual staff matters, e.g. service agreements.

  • Chair: Thomas Biermann
  • Ralf Moros

This section deals with IT matters at Leipzig University (higher education sector), where the staff council can participate or co-determine.

  • Chair: Thomas Biermann
  • Gernot Decker (CIO-Beirat)
  • Thomas Biermann (ERP-Beirat)
  • Imre Bösze (ERP-Kernteam)
  • Sebastian Snochowski (ERP-Kernteam, Vice-chair)

These staff members ensure that staff council information is made available to staff.

  • Chair: Stefan Bernhardt
  • Thomas Biermann
  • Tina Dögl
  • Birgit Ziegler (Secretary of the Staff Council for Higher Education)

Here, applications from the Head of Leipzig University are considered when it comes to planning or implementing construction measures within the university.

  • Chair: Thomas Biermann
  • Mike Erkau
  • Michael Siebert

These members are the contact persons when it comes to the occupational health and safety of our employees. They represent the staff council ("Hochschulbereich") in the university committees „Occupational Re-integration Management (BEM)", " Conflict Management" and "Inclusion". They take part in workplace inspections and deal with accident reports.

  • Thomas Biermann (Chair)
  • Michael Siebert
  • Sabine Kriegsmann (also representative in the occupational health and safety committee and in the BEM team)
  • Ralf Moros (Representative in the Employee Health Steering Committee and in the BEM Team, Conflict Officer)
  • Dr. Silke Graf-von Sonntag (Conflict Officer)
  • Imre Bösze (future Conflict Officer)
  • Gernot Decker (Representative on the Inclusion Advisory Board)

This working group is the point of contact for matters and questions specifically relating to scientific employees.

  • Michael Hempel
  • Mathias Rabe
  • Dr. Silke Graf-von Sonntag
  • Dr. Henry Ottilie