Key qualifications (SQ) are an integral part of the bachelor’s programmes. Key qualifications are intended to highlight the breadth and variety of practical tasks associated with the academic discipline. In this way, SQ modules ensure the smoothest possible transition from university studies to the world of work.

enlarge the image: Programme structure: Bachelor of Arts, key qualifications
enlarge the image: Programme structure: Bachelor of Science, key qualifications

Key qualifications are taught at several levels:

  • In the degree programmes: basic methodological skills in the respective subject areas, compulsory internships, foreign language acquisition, periods abroad
  • Key qualification (SQ) modules within the faculty: the faculty’s own courses, which are aimed at students of a specific subject group
  • Cross-faculty key qualification (SQ) modules: interdisciplinary modules for a well-founded insight into another discipline; bachelor’s students usually take 10 credits’ worth

The study and examination regulations of the individual degree programmes specify which key qualifications must be taken and when.

An overview of all the modules on offer can be found in the latest cross-faculty regulations on key qualification modules and each semester in the course catalogue.

In addition to the courses listed there, modules offered by the Language Center can also be studied as cross-faculty key qualifications, provided that this is permitted by the study and examination regulations of the core subject.

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