As a student of Leipzig University, you have to register for modules and courses at the start of each semester. This page explains which registration systems and procedures there are, which deadlines you need to meet, and where to get support.

  • Module registration for the winter semester 2020/21 will take place as planned via TOOL and AlmaWeb.
  • Many faculties and institutes will offer assistance with module registration. Please refer to the page for new students in 2020 for details of what arrangements have been made at your faculty.
Der Computerpool im Neuen Augusteum (Foto: Christian Hüller)
Photo: Christian Hüller

When you enrol, you will be given login information for your student email account. Please use this email address for all electronic communications with teachers and staff. Remember to check your university email account regularly! Information from the University will only ever be sent to this address.

Registration Systems and Procedures

To register for modules or courses, you will mainly use TOOL or AlmaWeb. Depending on your course of studies and module area, places are allocated either on a first come, first served basis or using a set allocation procedure. The course catalogue shows which modules and courses are offered in the current semester.

When you register for a module, you are also automatically registered for the module examination. As a rule, it is possible to deregister from a module and the associated module examination no later than four weeks before the end of the lecture period, either by independently deregistering (TOOL or AlmaWeb) or by notifying the responsible examination office in writing. If you deregister from the module before the deadline, all examinations already completed in the module will be deemed not to have been completed. After this point, it is only possible to withdraw from examinations for exceptional reasons. The withdrawal must be declared in writing and also approved in writing by the examination board (please refer to your examination regulations for more details).

Module registration systems

Module registration takes place approximately two weeks prior to the start of the lecture period. The website of your faculty’s Study Office provides information on the applicable registration periods for your subject.

  • School type-specific master’s, Lehramt Art
    Personal consultation with Professor Frank Schulz (Institute of Art Education) followed by registration with Clemens Sett at the Central Examination Office
  • State Examination Teaching Degree in Computer Science, State Examination Teaching Degree in Art, State Examination Teaching Degree in Mathematics, State Examination Teaching Degree in Physics
  • State Examination Teaching Degree in Music

    moodle at the “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” Academy of Music and Theatre  (HMT) as well as TOOL and personal exam registration at the HMT

  • All other teaching degree programmes

  • Educational Science, Special Needs Education and Primary School Teaching modules for all teaching degree programmes
    Modules at the Centre for Teacher Training and School Research (ZLS)
  • Faculty of Theology
    Diplom/ecclesiastical examination in Theology: AlmaWeb
  • Faculty of Law
    State Examination in Law
    Students enrolled in from the winter semester 2015/16 or later: AlmaWeb
    Please refer to the Study Office website for more information
  • Faculty of History, Art and Area Studies
    BA Egyptology, BA Art Education: AlmaWeb
    All other BA programmes: TOOL

    MA Classic Antiquity, MA Medieval and Modern History: TOOL
    All other MA programmes: AlmaWeb
  • Faculty of Philology
    All programmes: TOOL
  • Leipzig Institute for Creative Writing (DLL)
    All programmes: AlmaWeb
  • Faculty of Education
    All MA programmes: AlmaWeb
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy
    All programmes: TOOL
  • Faculty of Economics and Management Science
    All programmes: TOOL
  • Faculty of Sport Science
    All programmes: TOOL
  • Faculty of Medicine
    Medicine, Dentistry: Information is provided (in German) under Mein Studium on the faculty website

    Pharmacy: Students enrolled from the winter semester 2016/17: TOOL

    Students who enrolled up to and including the summer semester 2016: registration in person for the individual courses in the first session of each course

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
    All programmes: AlmaWeb

  • Faculty of Life Sciences
    All programmes: TOOL

  • Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences
    All programmes: AlmaWeb

  • Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy
    All programmes: TOOL

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
    Veterinary Medicine: Information on the faculty website

  • Modules in the freely configurable elective area
  • Elective subject modules
  • Cross-faculty key qualifications
  • Language Center modules

Module Registration: Dates and Deadlines

Details of current modules and courses can be found in the course catalogue. Please check the website of your faculty’s Study Office advance to find out which registration periods apply for your subject.

Regardless of your field of study, the following registration periods apply to the elective area in the humanities and social sciences (freely configurable elective area) as well as cross-faculty key qualification modules. Please note: These areas are solely intended for bachelor’s programmes in the humanities and social sciences (BA) and for the BSc Digital Humanities programme.

Elective Area and Cross-Faculty Key Qualifications (SQ Modules)

Since capacity is limited for key qualification (SQ) and elective area modules, places on these modules are allocated using a set allocation procedure.

This allocation procedure involves an initial registration phase, during which you specify a certain number of module requests and rank them according to priority, indicating your first and second choice, etc. At the end of the registration phase, an algorithm calculates the most appropriate way to allocate places on the modules. Taking into account the overall result, all students are assigned modules with the highest possible priority. In the subsequent confirmation phase, you are usually required to confirm the modules assigned to you by selecting the courses they contain. Failure to confirm your place will mean that you forfeit your right to the allocated place.

How the allocation procedure works for key qualification (SQ) and elective area modules:

  • Registration period: Submit module requests
    7 October 2020 (12pm) until 14 October 2020 (5pm)
    Please request at least three modules in the TOOL registration system.
  • Confirmation period: Confirm module place
    15 October 2020 (approximately 12pm) until 18 October 2020 (11.59pm)
    Confirm your allocated module place, selecting courses within that module where necessary (this also constitutes your binding registration for the module examination). The TOOL portal contains information on how to confirm the module place.
  • Allocation of remaining places: Apply for leftover module places
    From 19 October 2020
    The TOOL portal contains more information on the allocation of remaining places. If after this phase you have still not been able to register for any of your preferred modules, please contact the person responsible for registration in your core subject.

Elective Subject Modules

You can take elective subject modules if you decided at the beginning of your studies that you would only study modules in a particular subject area for your elective area.

Module enrolment is coordinated by the relevant Study Office. The website of your elective subject’s Study Office provides information on the applicable registration periods for your elective subject.

Module Registration on Teaching Degree Programmes

Students on teaching degree programmes should note the following registration periods:

Field / school type

Semester of study

Registration period


Educational Sciences



05-BWI-01-PRIM: 12 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (2pm)

05-BWI-01-SEK: 5 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (2pm)


From 2nd semester*

5 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (2pm)


Special Needs Education



12 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (2pm)


From 2nd semester

12 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (2pm)


Primary School Teaching



12 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (2pm)


From 2nd semester

5 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (2pm)


Core subjects, all school types


5 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (5pm)



Supplementary studies


5 October (12pm)–14 October 2020 (5pm)


* Please note that enrolment may be staggered by semester of study.

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