Thanks to an outstanding international profile in teaching, study and research, Leipzig is among the most successful German universities when it comes to internationalisation. This is a central component of our strategic development: for expanding international research alliances, for opening up to qualified international students and young researchers, and for enhancing the international mobility of its members.

Internationalisation at Leipzig University by 2025


In line with the University’s motto, “A tradition of crossing boundaries”, we are committed to the overarching vision of reflecting the diversity of the world as a world of diversity based on science.


Our university is consciously promoting the internationalisation of teaching by offering joint study and doctoral programmes with foreign partner institutions, systematically expanding the global mobility of both students and teachers, and improving the integration infrastructure for people from other cultural regions. It equips its student members with skills needed for the globalised labour market in business, society and science. The internationalisation of research focuses on the creation of international research alliances, particularly in the different research profile areas.

Interdisciplinary objectives of internationalisation

We prepare our students for the globalised labour market in business, society and science. Based on the HRK’s internationalisation audit, in 2015 our university set itself interdisciplinary objectives for study and teaching, which we are continuing to define and expand:

Leipzig University seeks to recruit excellent international guest teachers and academic staff with an international background. It also promotes foreign-language and intercultural skills among all staff.

Leipzig University supports the international mobility of its students by way of flexible module structures, a generous academic credit system and mobility windows during studies. It offers attractive and robust networks with partners worldwide based on subject-specific quality standards.

Leipzig University is expanding the integration of international components in studies and teaching, especially for international degree programmes.

Leipzig University is expanding its linguistic and subject-specific preparation and support services for international students. It is also enhancing recruitment and selection processes in order to attract excellent international students and doctoral candidates.

Leipzig University wants to establish and use transregional alliances with selected partners. With its research profile areas, Leipzig University has identified core fields of academic growth, combining excellence from the University and non-university research partners. This is to be used more intensively for the internationalisation of teaching and study.

Leipzig University is enhancing its public image on the basis of an international communication concept. This concept forms the basis for the increased use of digital instruments in addition to analogue instruments for specific target groups and content.

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