Press release 2024/074 from

The Audimax and courtyard on Leipzig University’s city centre campus were occupied by about 50 to 60 people on Tuesday afternoon (7 May 2024). They unfurled banners, one of which read “Uni occupation against genocide” in German. Declaring that they were fighting for Palestine on campus, the protesters, many of whom were masked, barricaded the doors to the Audimax lecture hall from the inside, blocked access from the outside with sit-ins, and set up tents in the courtyard.

At 3.30pm, Leipzig University took the decision to remove the protesters and called the police. The police operation is currently underway. “We will not tolerate any violent disruption of teaching or seizure of University premises. The safety of all students and teaching staff was at risk. The decision to remove the protesters was unavoidable,” said Rector Professor Eva Inés Obergfell. “Protests and demonstrations are in principle legitimate, as long as their aim is to inform and promote understanding. However, endangering bystanders and escalation are not acceptable forms of free and democratic debate.”

The University has filed a criminal complaint. Lectures in the Audimax are cancelled for the rest of the week.