On this page you can report suggestions and problems to the General Staff Council.

The "Suggestions Box" provides you with an easy way to contact the General Staff Council of Leipzig University. Use the web form and tell us your suggestions, tips, concerns and problems on the following topics:

  • Appreciation offensive in the public service of the Free State of Saxony,
  • Further education/qualifications,
  • Occupational health management,
  • Personnel development concept,
  • University development plan,
  • House rules,
  • Hygiene protection concept,
  • Service agreements.

You can use your official or a private email address for your message. Your data will of course be treated confidentially.

The dialog with you is very important to us in order to know the needs of the faculties/institutes, the central administration, the centers and central facilities and to be able to represent them to the service management.

Your suggestions and concerns


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