Dr. Andreas Niekler

Dr. Andreas Niekler

Research Fellow

Computational Humanities
Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig


Andreas Niekler is a research associate at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Leipzig. He develops computer-based methods in the field of semantic properties in language and language-based AI. He develops computer-based algorithmic methods for computational social science , including for the research project "Postdemocracy and Neoliberalism" and for the interactive analysis platform Leipzig Corpus Miner (iLCM). The focus is on machine learning methods and data management. In recent contributions he supported various companies in Saxony adopting certain AI technologies in their daily activities. This includes processing of unstructured data for knowledge management and document management.

Research Interests: Natural Language Processing and Text Data in Computational Social Science / Digital Humanities, Conversational AI, Automated Content Analysis, Topic Analysis, Contextual and semantic dynamics in text data, Text Mining, Data Science, Information Extraction, Process and Activity Extraction from Text Data, Computational Linguistics, Transfer Research, Machine Learning, Internet Technologies, Information Systems, Visualization, Media Informatics, Communication Research.

Algorithms and methods: Bayesian models, maximum entropy models, topic models, support vector machines, deep learning, language models, association rule mining, minimum hashing, decision trees, conditional random fields, visualization.

  • Data Mining and Value Creation
    Scheuermann, Gerik
    Duration: 04/2018 - 03/2022
    Funded by: EU Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE)
    Involved organisational units of Leipzig University: Bild- und Signalverarbeitung; WINF/Informationssysteme in der Logistik; Innovationsmanagement/-ökonomie (IMW); Automatische Sprachverarbeitung
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  • DocBot
    Niekler, Andreas
    Duration: 03/2020 - 02/2022
    Funded by: EU Europäischer Sozialfond (ESF)
    Involved organisational units of Leipzig University: Automatische Sprachverarbeitung
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  • Postdemokratie und Neoliberalismus - Zur Nutzung neoliberaler Argumentationen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1949-2011
    Heyer, Gerhard
    Duration: 01/2012 - ongoing
    Funded by: BMBF Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
    Involved organisational units of Leipzig University: Institut für Informatik
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more projects

  • Niekler, A.; Heyer, G.; Kahmann, C.
    Computing Semantic Change Using Context Volatility
    In: Martin, M.; Cuquet, M.; Folmer, E. (Eds.)
    SEMPDS-2016 Posters&Demos@SEMANTiCS 2016 and SuCCESS'16 Workshop. 2016.
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  • Wiedemann, G.; Niekler, A.
    Hands-On: A Five Day Text Mining Course for Humanists and Social Scientists in R
    CEUR-WS.org Berlin. 2017
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  • Kahmann, C.; Niekler, A.; Wiedemann, G.
    Application of the interactive Leipzig Corpus Miner as a generic research platform for the use in the social sciences
    2021. pp. 39-44
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  • Schröder, C.; Bürgl, K.; Annanias, Y.; Niekler, A.; Müller, L.; Wiegreffe, D.; Bender, C.; Mengs, C.; Scheuermann, G.; Heyer, G.
    Supporting Land Reuse of Former Open Pit Mining Sites using Text Classification and Active Learning
    2021. pp. 4141-4152
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  • Maier, D.; Waldherr, A.; Miltner, A.; Wiedemann, G.; Niekler, A.; Kleinert, A.; Pfetsch, B.; Reber, U.; Häussler, T.; Adam, S.; Schmidt-Petri, H.
    Applying LDA topic modeling in communication research: Toward a valid and reliable methodology
    Communication Methods and Measures. 2018. 12 (2-3). pp. 93-118
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more publications

Within the scope of my previous activities, I have designed my own teaching content, supervised and organized seminars in the field of digital humanities and social sciences and computer science. I would like to emphasize my commitment and skills in methodological training. For several years, I have regularly taught applied introductory courses in text mining and machine learning in the social and communication sciences. I have already taught in the areas of basic computer science (algorithms and data structures, modeling and programming) and in applied topics (text mining, linguistic computer science) at the University of Leipzig. I am fluent in the necessary basics of mathematics, computer science and didactics, I regularly participate in the advanced trainings of the Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum Sachsen and I can use these competences in teaching.

  • Media-neutral publishing

    Media-neutral publishing, XML, crossmedia (Leipzig School of Media)

  • Linguistic Informatics 2013 - Now

    Lecture, seminar, exercise

  • Text Mining 2013 - Now

    Lecture, Seminar, Exercise (University of Leipzig)

    Basic Module Text Mining (Gesis, Cologne)

    Text Mining Workshops for University of Leipzig, University of Mainz, University of Music and Drama Hannover

  • Modeling and programming - Exercise

  • Algorithms and data structures

  • Responsible for the course: Crossmedia Management

    Responsible for the course: Crossmedia Management - Leipzig School of Media, supervision of modules carried out by the University of Leipzig, registration for the course

  • Methods and Applications in Digital Humanities

  • R course