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Prof. Dr. Josef Focht


Johannisplatz 5-11, Room B.1.09
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-30751


Josef Focht is Professor of Organology and heads the DIGITAL ORGANOLOGY research unit at the Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig. There, since 1926, the Heyer'sche Sammlung - an outstanding fund of historical musical instruments of international standing - has provided the only university museum of organology at a German-speaking university with an interdisciplinary profile feature of the University of Leipzig in teaching, research and transfer. Josef Focht's research projects, publications and transdisciplinary data repositories serve to open up the museum's own collections, documentation across holdings and provenance research, especially with regard to museum and GDR history. The tools and methods of the digital humanities cover a broad field.