Extracurricular Activities

At Leipzig, we offer our students plenty of opportunities to get involved and try something new. Why not take part in sports, learn a foreign language or make music with your fellow students?

Participate in University Politics

Fancy helping to shape university policy? You can get involved in Leipzig’s Student Council (StuRa). Besides its political work, the elected body representing students also actively promotes culture and provides advice and information on a range of topics. The departmental student representative committees (FSR) are responsible for subject-specific matters.

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Learn Another Language

Spracheninstitut an der Universität Leipzig e.V.

Studierende sitzen im Kurs
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Leipzig University Language Center

Studierende schreib auf Tafel
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Tandem Language Learning

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Make Music

University Orchestra

Leipzig University Orchestra is a classical symphony orchestra with around 90 members.

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Entirely dedicated to jazz, the UniBigband is Leipzig University’s youngest ensemble.

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University Choir

Around 100 students perform an extensive repertoire of songs in the Leipzig University Choir.

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The student brass band and jazz orchestra Blaswerk Leipzig e.V. has around 60 members.

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Aceademic Orchestra

The Academic Orchestra is Leipzig’s best-known amateur symphony orchestra.

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Radio, Newspaper and TV

Mephisto 97.6 Student Radio

In the studio of Mephisto 97.6 student radio
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luhze Independent University Newspaper

Studiernede lesen die Hochschulzeitung Student!
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German University Channels at Hochschultv.de

Hochschultv interview during alumni meeting
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Mehrere Schwimmerinnen ruhen am Rand des Schwimmbeckens und lächeln in die Kamera.

Sport and Fitness

Getting active is a great way to unwind from studying. Why not try out a new sport? The Centre for University Sports offers a wide range of activities, from standard ball sports, swimming, canoeing and surfing to fencing, juggling and cheerleading.

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Feet are seen in a small hammock under a desk.

Stay Fit and Healthy at University

Looking for a way to escape from the daily stress of studying? The Gesundheitssportzentrum (Health and Fitness Centre) offers exercise classes such as yoga, meditation and outdoor fitness. It also shows students on campus how good posture protects your back, and how good study and time management habits will reduce stress levels.

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Student Initiatives

Many students get involved in all kinds of student initiatives alongside their studies. You are more than welcome to contribute!

Specialist Networks

Intensive networking has become a matter of course in the world of work. An effective network involves not only friends and acquaintances, but also the specialist knowledge and resources of everyone involved. It is worth establishing networks during your time at university. The focus should be on sharing specialist knowledge and forging contacts in the business world, not least to make starting your career after graduation easier.



International networks are a great way to make contacts as a foreign student in Leipzig or as a student looking to study or pursue a career abroad.

Media Work

Specialist topics meet a passion for journalism: students present subject-specific topics for a young target group in journals, magazines and periodicals.


Do you play an instrument? Would you like to play together with other students? Do you love music and particularly enjoy going to concerts? The Blaswerk Leipzig, the University Orchestra, the UnibigBand Leipzig and the University Choir have been firm fixtures in the Leipzig music scene for many years.

Fun and Recreation

Besides lectures and seminars, studying and homework, student life at our university has a lot to offer in terms of leisure activities. Traditionally, carnival plays an important role.

Other Initiatives

A variety of student initiatives in Leipzig address social, economic, scientific and other topics.

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