By re-enrolling, students declare their intention to continue studying at our university in the following semester. Re-enrolment is performed by paying the semester fee.

SSZ closed but you can still email or call us!
Due to the current situation, the Student Service Centre (SSZ) is closed. You can still contact us by email, post or by calling us.
Our extended telephone consultation hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am–11am
Phone: +493419732058

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When and how to re-enrol

Please re-enrol before the beginning of each new semester by paying the semester fee.

  • Re-enrolment period for the winter semester: 1 June–15 August
    Please note the extended re-enrolment period for the winter semester 2020/21: 1 June–31 August 2020
  • Re-enrolment period for the summer semester: 1 December–15 February

Please note that missing the deadline for re-enrolment may result in your exmatriculation.

Studierende gehen nebeneinander auf dem Campusgelände
Photo: Christian Hüller

The Semester Fee

The semester fee consists of various components, which can vary from semester to semester. For this reasons, we kindly ask that you check the current amount of the semester fee before re-enrolling.

The fee consists of four parts:

  • Student body €10
  • Studentenwerk Leipzig: €80
  • Mobility fund: €1.50
  • MDV public transport pass: €135

Please use the following account details when paying by bank transfer:


Universität Leipzig




WELADE8LXXX (Sparkasse Leipzig)

Payment reference:

Enrolment number, last name and first name

You will need to use an iTAN to pay via AlmaWeb.

When you started studying, you received a list with a total of 20 numbered transaction authentication numbers (iTANs) with your welcome email. You will need these for authentication purposes when re-enrolling via the AlmaWeb portal.

The iTAN procedure offers additional security when it comes to protecting highly sensitive personal data, such as your bank details.

How to pay using the iTAN procedure:

  • Log in to AlmaWeb with your user data.
  • Click on “Studies” and then on “Re-registration” in the left-hand column.
  • Then click on “Create direct debit”
  • Read the information and follow the instructions.

When entering information (account holder, IBAN, BIC), you will be asked to authenticate yourself using an iTAN. The system determines which of your remaining iTANs must be used, by displaying the required iTAN number.

When you pay via AlmaWeb, you generate a single direct debit order. This means that only one attempt can be made to debit your account. If the direct debit is rejected, no further attempt can be made.

  • Paying via AlmaWeb is not the same as setting up a standing order!
  • Please note that you must provide your own account details if you wish to pay via AlmaWeb. It is not possible to debit someone else’s account, for example that of a parent or partner.

If you run out of iTANs, you can easily request a new iTAN list in AlmaWeb. Here’s how:

  • Log in to AlmaWeb with your user data.

  • Click on “Account” and then on “TAN manager” in the left-hand column.

  • There you will see the option “Request new iTAN list” on the right-hand side.

In order to receive a new list, you will require at least one iTAN from your old list! If you no longer have any valid iTANs, please contact the relevant member of staff.

  • Once you submit the request, a new iTAN list will be displayed immediately. It is then important to either print the list or save a copy on your computer, as it can only be displayed once for security reasons.

  • Activate the new list by clicking on “Activate new iTAN list”. You will automatically be redirected to the TAN manager page, where the old and new TANs may be visible. Please click on the “Activate” button next to the new list. Finally, all you have to do is confirm the new list with one of your new iTANs. Your new TAN list is now active.

If you enter an incorrect iTAN three times in a row, your entire iTAN list will become invalid.

To obtain a new list, please contact the relevant member of staff or pay a visit to the Student Service Centre during its office hours.

The semester fee: Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about what the semester fee is used for, please contact the University’s Student Council or the Studentenwerk Leipzig. Our administration is legally obliged to collect the semester fee from you and then hand it over to these two institutions, which then use it in accordance with relevant regulations.

If you study a subject with admission restrictions and miss the re-enrolment deadline, you may lose your place. It is therefore imperative that you always adhere to the deadline for re-enrolment!

Even if you take a leave of absence, usually you are still required to pay the semester fee.

However, you may be exempted from paying the semester fee under certain circumstances. Please contact the Studentenwerk Leipzig for more information. Please then submit proof of your exemption from payment of the semester fee to the Student Office.

Even if you change degree programmes, you are still required to pay the semester fee. We will not send you a separate request for payment. You can pay the fee on AlmaWeb or by bank transfer. Changing degree programmes will not affect your login details or enrolment number.

If you are a newly enrolled student, you will also have to pay the semester fee, but the amount and deadline stated above do not apply.

As part of your enrolment, a provisional enrolment certificate will be issued in your AlmaWeb account, indicating the amount of the semester fee you have to pay, the payment deadline applicable to you, as well as payment methods.

If you are enrolled elsewhere and attending Leipzig University as what’s known as a Nebenhörer, please send an email with your enrolment number and request for re-enrolment to the relevant member of staff. Please attach your certificate of enrolment from your main university for the following semester.

If you wish to withdraw from the student body, you are required to notify our Student Office of this pursuant to Section 24(1) Sentence 3 of the Saxon Freedom of Higher Education Act (SächsHSFG) before paying the semester fee. To do so, please use the form available in the download area of this page.

If you accidentally transferred to little money when paying your semester fee, you can transfer the missing amount. You can do this by:

If you have paid the semester fee twice, please write an email indicating:

  • when you paid the semester fee more than once
  • from which accounts you transferred the money (account holder and IBAN)
  • into which account you would like us to pay the excess semester fee (account holder and IBAN).

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