Have you successfully completed your studies? Or would you like to leave Leipzig University for other reasons? By exmatriculating, you officially cease to be a member of our university.

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Leipzig University’s Humanities Centre (GWZ). Photo: Christian Hüller

Certificate of Exmatriculation

If you want to start working after graduating or study at another university, you will often be asked for a certificate of exmatriculation. This shows that you have formally left our university.

Here is how you retrieve your certificate of exmatriculation:

  • As soon as we have processed your application, your certification of exmatriculation will be generated as a PDF document in your AlmaWeb account.
  • Simply click on “Studies” and then “Documents”.
  • An email will also be sent to your student email address as soon as new documents are available in your AlmaWeb account.

After Exmatriculation

Have you exmatriculated yet paid the semester fee for the following semester? Then you can request that the Studentenwerk Leipzig refund your semester fee. Please observe the relevant deadlines and formalities. Please visit the Studentenwerk Leipzig website for more information and the refund request form.

If you enrolled before 1 December 2017, you will have paid a one-off deposit of ten euros for your UniCard when you started studying. You will be refunded this money if you present your student ID card to the Student Office along with a UniCard deposit refund application.

For those enrolled after 1 December 2017, the deposit has changed to a non-refundable fee.

If there is any remaining credit on your UniCard, please have it paid back in advance.

After you have left the University, we will keep your application documents and all correspondence with you in our Student Office archives. After a few years, both will be transferred to our university archives. If you have any questions later on about your time as a student at Leipzig, you can therefore contact our Student Office at any time.

Waiving Your Place

Sometimes, before the semester starts, people enrol at Leipzig University but then change their mind about studying here.  If this happens to you, instead of applying for exmatriculation you should complete and hand in the study place waiver.

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