Nachricht vom

On behalf of the entire Ohio University community, I extend my sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and the Leipzig community for the loss of former Rector Professor Dr. Cornelius Weiss.

We are thankful for his leadership and vision, as the first elected Rector following the reunification of Germany, creating the democratic and vibrant academic community which has brought such innovative and prestigious partnership between our institutions. Rector Weiss formalized our cooperative relationship by signing our first Memorandum of Understanding with our former President Charles Ping.

The depth and breadth of our partnership impacts students, faculty, staff, and alumni at both institutions. Rector Weiss played a significant role in affording our institutions this opportunity to enjoy a rich relationship, marked by transparent communications, respectful and vibrant exchange, and through the quest for academic distinction. It was clear he valued excellence in all realms, from his role as Chemistry researcher and lecturer, to dedicated board member, to his role of rector.

He will be missed not only by those who worked with him and knew him best, but also by the international partners for whom his legacy of visionary and decisive leadership carved a hopeful path forward.