Research Focus

Blick auf das Neue Augusteum, Paulinum und Seminargebäude. Foto: Christian Hüller

Strategic Research Fields

Our university focuses on three strategic research fields. They help to foster research, in turn unlocking new potential. In them, exciting initiatives get the space and support they need on their journey to becoming strong research alliances.

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The Minds Behind Our Research

Interdisciplinary Centres

There is great potential for successful research to be achieved through cooperation between different disciplines and institutions. This is why our university has created a number of interdisciplinary centres whose structure enables participants to engage in joint research and teaching.

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Spotlight on Biodiversity

At iDiv, researchers from 30 nations are working on the foundations for the sustainable management of biological diversity.

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German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research

Abgebildet ist das iDiv Ecotron mit 24 EcoUnits. Die EcoUnits sind identische Einheiten, in denen Ökosysteme beherbergt und erforscht werden können.
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Global Perspectives

The ReCentGlobe is an interdisciplinary centre across several faculties. Its members use supra-regional approaches and global perspectives to investigate world religions, cultural orders, and political systems as well as how these are connected.

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Thinking Globally: Leipzig Research Centre Global Dynamics

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The centre is a joint institution of Leipzig University and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) Leipzig. Its research focuses on the dynamics of ecosystems and water resources in global change across spatial and temporal scales.

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Remote Sensing Centre for Earth System Research

Die Forscher des neuen Fernerkundungszentrums untersuchen die Dynamiken von Ökosystemen und Wasserressourcen im globalen Wandel.
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Research Projects



Leipzig University is currently involved in 20 DFG-funded coordinated programmes. In addition to special research areas, transregios, research groups and colleges, there are 14 junior research groups.

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Schnittchen mit nutriCARD-Leberwurst
Das Team um Professorin Verena Klemm erforscht alte arabische Schriften.


Campus Beethovenstraße, Foto: Christian Hüller

Leipzig as a Centre of Science

In Leipzig and the wider region, we are in close partnership with numerous Max Planck Institutes, Helmholtz Centres, Fraunhofer and Leibniz Institutes as well as higher education institutions and medical centres.

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Research Portal

leuris:Portal is our university’s research portal.

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Learn more about what our researchers are working on: here you will find research projects, publications, prizes, awards, honours, international partnerships and scientific events.

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