A number of our university’s study programmes let you choose from several specialisations. Choosing a specialisation gives you the opportunity to give your studies a clear orientation – for example, to focus on a specific language or area of expertise.

When you enrol, you will be given login information for your student email account. Please use this email address for all electronic communications with teachers and staff.
Remember to check your university email account regularly! Information from the University will only ever be sent to this address.

Choosing a Programme Specialisation

By choosing a programme specialisation, you gain access to the corresponding modules and courses.

Please note that you cannot register for modules without first choosing a specialisation!

This page provides an overview of the programme specialisations and information on the registration process for degree programmes listed below. The list only contains those subjects for which the programme specialisation has to be selected via the online registration system or the study portal AlmaWeb.

Changing Your Programme Specialisation

In some degree programmes, it is possible to change your specialisation after commencing your studies. Please contact your department’s academic adviser for further information. Please use this form when applying to have your programme specialisation changed.

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