The end of school marks the beginning of an exciting new phase of life. If you and your class are about to finish school and interested in studying at Leipzig University, we offer talks and guided tours to give you a taste of campus life. Teachers who would like to support their pupils in this way can also use these services together with their class or take advantage of one our dedicated training days for teachers, which focus on career guidance skills.

Our information events for groups of schoolchildren are designed to help ease the transition from school to higher education. In a one-hour talk you will learn everything you need to know about studying at our university. Topics include:

  • Leipzig University past and present
  • Degree programmes and their structure
  • Admission requirements, aptitude tests and important deadlines
  • Application and admission procedures
  • Student life in Leipzig.

Our information events are aimed primarily at schoolchildren in German school years 10 to 13. Registration is only open to school classes. Please register at least four weeks in advance.

Please use the form below to register and read the information in the guide for teachers (in German).

We would love to hear your feedback after the event: What did you and your class like? Where is there room for improvement?

360° campus tour of Leipzig University

Campus Tour

Explore our university’s central campus

What does it feel like to sit in a lecture hall? What culinary delights are served in the refectory? What’s the deal with underground bicycle parks? During our tour of the Augustusplatz campus, you will visit numerous University buildings and get an exciting look at everyday student life. Our student campus guides will answer any questions you have about studying and living in Leipzig.

The free guided tours of the University campus last about 60 to 90 minutes and can be booked at flexible times by school groups. Slots are available from Monday to Friday. Please register by email, stating your preferred time and date, the number of participants and their age. We would love to hear your feedback after the event: What did you like? Where is there room for improvement?

enlarge the image: Guided tour of the Leibniz Forum on the Augustusplatz campus.
Guided tour of the Leibniz Forum on the Augustusplatz campus. Photo: Nancy Haustein

Higher Education Training Day for Teachers

Continuing professional development for school teachers

Vocational and academic orientation is playing an increasingly important role in schools. As a teacher, you can accompany your pupils during the vocational and academic orientation process. We want teachers to provide their pupils with the best possible support regarding academic orientation. To this end, we can work with you to organise a day of teacher training.

There are plenty of areas we can focus on when planning your training day. For example, you may wish to consider session on the following:

  • Suitability for higher education
  • Options and assistance in the study orientation process
  • Studying and degrees at Leipzig University
  • Admission requirements the application procedure.

There is also an opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the Augustusplatz campus and in subject-specific information events.

Please contact us with your own ideas for a teacher training day. This offer is suitable for teachers of all school types leading to a general higher education entrance qualification.

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