Before enrolling, one of the most important questions to ask is how you will fund your studies. There are various possibilities, from BAföG and student jobs to a wide range of scholarships. But what exactly is BAföG and who is entitled to it? Which scholarships are there and what are the criteria? And where can you find a good student job?

Funding your studies with BAföG

If young people or their parents have insufficient financial resources, the state can help finance their education or training so that they have a chance to properly develop their abilities and interests. This financing is regulated by the German Federal Training Assistance Act, known in German as BAföG for short. The Studentenwerk Leipzig’s Education Assistance Office at is responsible for our university’s students in this regard. Here you can find information on all questions concerning BAföG, from application to legal advice and repayment.

Funding your studies with a student job

In addition to BAföG, scholarships, and financial support from families, students can earn extra money by finding a part-time student job. If you are interested in a part-time job, then please feel free to contact Leipzig Student Services. Not only does it offer useful information, but it also runs a job placement service for students.

Funding your studies with a scholarship

Scholarships can be a good way to fund your studies. But they can be so much more. They offer many advantages, from language courses and lump sums to cover study costs, to a strong network of contacts. Visit the Scholarships and Deutschlandstipendium pages for more information about the main programmes there are for providing students with financial assistance.

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