The Veterinary History Collection brings together various instruments from veterinary medicine and historical documents on the development of the veterinary profession in Saxony.

enlarge the image: Ein Schrank voller historischer Dokumente und Instrumente aus der veterinärmedizinhistorischen Sammlung
Historical documents in Leipzig University’s Veterinary History Collection. Photo: Randy Kühn

The display collection of veterinary instruments is arranged according to their applications, including anaesthesia, restraints, syringes, dental and jaw treatment, obstetrics and surgery. The collection of documents reflects the development of veterinary training centres here and abroad, and of other institutes, societies and academies. In addition to honorary publications, conference reports and biographies, it is possible to view books and dissertations on the history of veterinary medicine. The repertoire also includes lecture notes and scripts as well as historically significant teaching boards. Special attention is paid to documents from the GDR era.

Also worth seeing are the military veterinarian chests from the First and Second World Wars, a gas mask for horses and an oxygen treatment system from the First World War. Wall-mounted display cases contain a collection of medicines and their packaging.

The Veterinary History Collection is located at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Oberholz Teaching and Research Farm. The collection catalogue can be requested by telephone.

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