Profile of Leipzig University

Leipzig University was founded in 1409 and is one of Germany’s leading universities when it comes to top-class research and medical expertise. It offers a unique variety of subjects, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural and life sciences.

Gebäudeansicht des Campus Augustusplatz mit Blick auf das Neue Augusteum und Paulinum der Universität Leipzig

Portrait of Leipzig University

Our university has a tradition stretching back more than six centuries and many world-famous alumni. At the same time, our unique variety of subjects, international network and rich cultural life demonstrate just how modern Leipzig University is.

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Farbfoto: Vier Personen gehen nebeneinander durch einen Gang mit großen Fenstern
Foto: rot eingefärbter Wachsabdruck des Siegels unserer Universität
View of the Paulinum and the Neues Augusteum with the bronze model of the old Paulinerkirche in the foreground. Photo: Christian Hüller

Structure of
Leipzig University

Farbfoto: Frontalaufnahme der fünf Personen, die freundlich lächelnd auf die Kamera zu laufen.

Meet the Rectorate

Our university is run by the Rectorate, which is chaired by the Rector and also comprises three Vice-Rectors and the Head of Administration and Finance.

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Funding and support

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