We hope you had an exciting time abroad. Welcome back to Leipzig University! These final organisational steps will round off your period abroad.

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Students in conversation in the Bibliotheca Albertina, photo: Christian Hüller

Completion of Your Erasmus+ Studies

You will need to complete the following steps to successfully conclude your Erasmus+ studies:

You must provide the following evidence:

  • generally: tickets and/or receipts that clearly verify your name, the date and the means of transport;
  • for additional days of travel: evidence for use of transport clearly demonstrates a duration of more than one day uninterrupted for the journey on arrival and/or departure.

After your stay abroad, send the completed document as a scan by e-mail to the International Centre within four weeks. This document will be used to verify the exact duration of your study stay abroad.

You may receive the remaining amount as well as the top-up amount "green travel" if you applied for this when you registered online for Erasmus+ funding. Subsequent applications are not possible.

At the end of your stay, you will receive a link by email from the EU Corporate Notification System (check your spam folder if necessary). Please complete the questionnaire as soon as you receive the email.

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You can have credits you achieved abroad recognised once you are back at Leipzig University. Here’s how:

  • Present your Transcript of Records from the host institution to the person responsible for recognition at your department. Then fill in the recognition results form together. Have it signed. Next, please email a scan of the signed recognition results to the International Centre.
  • Present the signed recognition results to your Study Office/examination office.
  • The Study Office/examination office will record the recognised credits you achieved abroad in AlmaWeb.

Please note: It is mandatory to prepare the Learning Agreement and recognition results if you wish to or have received an Erasmus+ funding. If your department has its own internal document that you have to fill out anyway, then provided the document contains similar information you can submit that instead of the recognition results form.

What if I don’t need my credits from abroad recognised back in Leipzig?

Even if you do not wish to have your achievements recognised, please complete the recognition results form anyway, simply leave Table D empty. You will then need to get the form signed by the person responsible for recognition at your department. Your study stay abroad will then be automatically documented in the Diploma Supplement if applicable. Next, please email a scan of the signed recognition results to the International Centre.

Write an "Entdeckerstory" online about your study stay abroad and help inspire future students with your experiences and tips for a stay abroad.

Recognition of a study stay abroad that was not undertaken via Erasmus+

If your study stay abroad was not organised through the Erasmus+ programme, you are advised to discuss the recognition of credits earned abroad with the person responsible at your department. Please do so before going abroad.

After your stay abroad, you should present the Transcript of Records from the host institution to the person responisble for recogntion at your department. You then prepare the recognition request together – you can use your department’s own document, if it has one, or the recognition results form. Please have the document signed afterwards.

You can then take the approved recognition application or the signed recognition results form and your Transcript of Records to your Study Office/examination office. There the credits you achieved abroad will be recorded in AlmaWeb.

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