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With our regular events we pursue the goal of transferring knowledge from the University to society, politics and business. These events include, our TransferMeetings, the “Wissenschaftskino” (science cinema), the “exkurs” lectures and the “Donnerstagsdiskurs” panel discussions.

TransferMeetings is the name given to a series of events at Leipzig designed to promote knowledge transfer between researchers from the University and companies. To this end, researchers from various disciplines invite entrepreneurs as special guests to their institutes and laboratories and explain current problem-solving approaches to challenges faced by businesses and industry. The company’s representatives are given the opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with the researchers. Building on existing business contacts, the TransferMeeting series is intended to provide impetus for new projects. Past events have covered the following themes: medical logistics; new materials; movement, health and performance; “knowledge creating practice” and “practice creating knowledge”; big data and data integration: management and analysis of large data volumes; biosensors; lifestyle diseases – LIFE data and samples for research and innovation.

The Wissenschaftskino Leipzig events are a joint endeavour by research institutions in Leipzig, the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum and the City of Leipzig Department for Science Policy. The events are curated by researchers from Leipzig’s research and higher education institutions, taking place four times per year at the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum. The format combines film and discussion: the films shown deal with important and often complex social issues. Following the film screenings, visitors are invited to discuss the relevant issues with experts from the scientific community.

The “exkurs” events offer members of the public the opportunity to obtain information about current scientific findings first-hand through lectures. Renowned academics from all over Germany provide clear and comprehensible insights into their socially relevant research. The visitors then have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss them with the experts.

The lectures are organised by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and usually take place in the Paulinum – Assembly Hall and University Church of St. Paul. The DFG, just like Leipzig University, is dedicated to promoting exchange between academica and the public. Besides Leipzig, the “exkurs” lectures take place in München and Bonn.

“Donnerstagsdiskurs” is a series of panel discussions at Leipzig University dedicated to social challenges. Against the backdrop of the Legida protests that began in Leipzig in January 2015 and the numerous counter-movements, the rectors of Leipzig’s higher education institutions set up this debate platform following a proposal by Professor Beate Schücking. As Rector of Leipzig University, she offers the University and its premises as a venue for open and tolerant debate. At the same time, the aim is to enrich the debate on relevant topics through the expertise and farsightedness of Leipzig’s scholars. This lively platform for open debate will continue if the occasion arises.

Recording of the first Donnerstagsdiskurs in January 2015

Past Knowledge and Technology Transfer Events

enlarge the image: Ein LIFE-Mitarbeiter hält eine Führung. Im Hintergrund sind zwei interessierte Zuhörerinnen zu sehen.
enlarge the image:
enlarge the image:
enlarge the image: Foto: voller Hörsaal der dem podium auf der Bühne folgt
enlarge the image: Fünf Personen sitzen in einem Halbkreis auf einem Podium. Die Dame im Vordergrund hält ein Mikrofon und spricht in Richtung des Publikums des Donnerstagsdiskurses.
enlarge the image: Die Rektorin Beate Schücking präsentiert in einem der Räume im Paulinum vor Vertretern des BMW-Werks und Beschäftigten unserer Universität.

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