Leipzig University awards re-entry scholarships to researchers who wish to complete their doctorate or habilitation after suspending their academic activities for family reasons.

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Re-entry scholarships make it possible to continue a doctorate or habilitation after parental leave or any other justified interruption. Photo: Unsplash

Re-entry scholarships make it possible to continue a doctorate or habilitation e.g. after parental leave.

This financial support is awarded based on the Saxon Re-Entry Funding Regulations (FördRL Wiedereinstieg).

Applications are open to doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at universities in the Free State of Saxony who, after interrupting their doctoral project or habilitation due to family commitments, wish to resume and complete their academic qualification.


  • Doctoral scholarship: above-average higher education degree (minimum overall mark: good)
  • Habilitation scholarships: magna cum laude awarded for the previous doctorate
  • Interruption of academic activities for family reasons (e.g. childcare) for at least nine months
  • Academic re-entry planned in order to work on a research project with the aim of a doctorate or habilitation
  • Doctoral researchers must be younger than 37 years of age at the time of application, while those completing their habilitation must be younger than 42 years of age.

Funding Period:

  • One year (a six-month extension is possible under certain conditions)

Monthly Scholarship Amount:

  • 985 euros for doctoral projects
  • 1285 euros for habilitation projects
  • Additional family allowance of 100 euros per child

Application Documents

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Written application explaining your reasons for applying
  • CV in tabular form/report on academic education to date
  • University degree certificate(s), etc.
  • Project concept including time and work plan (no more than ten pages)
  • Statement by the academic supervisor
  • Statement by the Faculty’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner
  • Confirmation from the Faculty that the intended project is a good match with the University’s research profile

Please refer to the application form for information on how and where to submit the application.

For a Re-Entry Scholarship for Women Planning Their Habilitation, please submit this  application form together with the enclosures mentioned therein.

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Applications must be submitted by

  • 31 March for funding in the current year or
  • 30 September for funding in the following calendar year

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