Options for doctoral research

As a comprehensive university with a world-class research profile, we offer the ideal environment for a successful doctorate. At Leipzig, you can pursue a doctorate independently or as part of a structured or binational programme.

Our university offers excellent conditions for a successful doctorate:

  • Research-led and internationally recognised doctoral training
    At our university, you will receive a research-oriented education that is internationally recognised. Our research is interdisciplinary. You will benefit from modern teaching facilities in a dynamic environment.
  • Broad research spectrum
    We are a comprehensive university and cover a wide range of research. The advantage for you? You can do your doctorate in any subject area.
  • Excellent research environment
    Leipzig is home to numerous research institutions that provide an excellent research environment. The 20 or so institutions include three Max Planck Institutes, two Fraunhofer Institutes and three Leibniz Institutes.

  • Unique city culture
    Here you will not only enjoy a teaching and research environment of the highest standard, but also live in an attractive, vibrant city. Leipzig will surprise you with its exciting cultural scene and trendy neighbourhoods. Your future campus is located in the centre of the city and is easy to reach from everywhere.

As a doctorate is rarely shorter than three years, the decision to undertake a doctorate, the choice of topic and the choice of supervisor should be carefully considered.

  1. Self-reflection
    Self-reflection is important in the decision to pursue a doctorate and in the choice of topic and supervisor. Contacts with researchers in your own field or with doctoral researchers of potential supervisors can be helpful..
    What of my own academic skills can I contribute?
    What new methods and questions will broaden the field of research?
    What do I hope to gain from a doctorate?
    What career path would I like to follow?

  2. Topic and supervisor
    The next step towards a doctorate is to find a topic and a supervisor. A doctorate can be completed in all subjects represented at our university. You can either apply for doctoral positions or a place on a structured doctoral program via job advertisements or you can contact a suitable supervisor with your doctoral project.

    The statutes of the University of Leipzig for the safeguarding of good scientific practice explicitly recommend the conclusion of a supervision agreement for all doctoral candidates. This agreement defines the individual framework conditions as well as the rights and duties of supervisors and doctoral candidates in a binding manner and should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it is up to date. The Graduate Academy Leipzig provides a template for a Supervision Agreement. This is based on the DFG's recommendations for drafting supervision agreements. The Graduate Academy Leipzig also provides support for individual doctoral candidates, e.g. with travel grants and childcare facilities, as well as a comprehensive qualification programme.

  3. Funding options
    If you are not funded by a position, you should look for funding yourself, for example through a scholarship. Your supervisor can advise you on this.


Guidance and services

We have a wide range of services to support you – whatever your personal circumstances.


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