Leipzig University is investing in the skills of undergraduate and postgraduate students to tackle the shortage of skilled workers. Through an ESF project, six doctoral students will receive financial support to enhance their employability and increase the potential for skilled workers in Saxony.

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Against the background of a shortage of skilled workers that is already noticeable and, in the opinion of all experts, will intensify in the coming years, it is economically of the utmost importance to invest in the qualification of the current and future workforce. Many players contribute to this qualification, from kindergartens to schools, vocational training and universities. Leipzig University currently qualifies around 30,000 students in undergraduate studies and leads more than 500 people to doctoral degrees each year.

A limiting factor in the education of doctoral students is the financing of their living expenses. The Free State of Saxony has recognized this and therefore supports doctoral studies with funds from the European Social Fund (ESF). With this project, six doctoral students receive the financial security that enables them to pursue a doctorate. In this way, the funded individuals will improve their personal employability and at the same time increase the potential for skilled workers in the Free State of Saxony.

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