If you work, are raising children or taking care of other family members but would also like to study, then enrolling as a part-time student can be a viable alternative to full-time study as it gives you more flexibility.

Prolonging Your Studies

If compelling reasons prevent you from studying full-time, you can apply to study part-time. This document (in German) contains information on requirements, potential justifications for studying part-time and programme structure.

  • Before you apply to study part time, please contact the Student Advisory Service to find out more about the general terms.
  • The Studentenwerk Leipzig’s Department for Grants can give you more information about student finance.

As a part-time student, you essentially have the same status as someone who studies full-time. You are subject to the same study and examination regulations.

Studying part-time can be a weight off your shoulders. Photo: Colourbox

It is not possible to combine studying part-time with a double degree at Leipzig University.

Applying to Study Part-Time

  • If you would like to apply to study part-time, please write to your examination board. Specify whether you wish to be a part-time student for a limited or an unlimited period, and enclose the following:
    • Documents justifying for your application
    • Completed form (in German) requesting part-time student status
  • If your application for part-time studies is approved, your examination board or office will the form to you signed and stamped.
  • Submit this form to the Student Office.
  • After we have processed your form and you have re-enrolled as norma, you will receive your new enrolment confirmation via your AlmaWeb account. The fact that you are studying part-time will be noted there on your master data sheet and on the confirmation pursuant to Sect. 9 of the German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG).

Application deadlines:

  • If you wish to study part-time from the winter semester, your application must reach the examination board by 15 September.
  • If you wish to study part-time from the summer semester, your application must reach the examination board by 15 March.
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